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"SEGA Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online" April 22 title added!

「セガ メガドライブ for Nintendo Switch Online」4月22日タイトル追加!

Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online " can be played by subscribing to the "Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack" subscription service.
Nintendo has announced that three additional titles will be added to the service on Friday, April 22, 2022!

Three additional titles!

A total of three titles will be added on Friday, April 22, 2022. Each of them is in a different genre, and they are all very playable!

Shining Force II: The Ancient Seal (SEGA)


Released in 1993, this is one of the most popular titles in the Shining series, which is full of masterpieces.
This is the second popular tactical RPG that allows players to enjoy a high level of strategic thinking. Bowie, a disciple of Astral the Wise, sets out on a journey to save the world by leading an army of light consisting of various races such as elves and centaurs in order to stop an invasion from the demon tribe.

Space Harrier II (SEGA)


This memorable title was released simultaneously with the Mega Drive in 1988. It is the original sequel to the popular 3D shooter game about the Harrier's battle in a fantasy land invaded by an unknown enemy!

Sonic Spinball (SEGA)


In 1993, everything was pinball, a departure from the usual Sonic series.
The world's fastest hedgehog, Sonic, goes on a great adventure in the world of pinball, trying to save the four worlds from Eggman by obtaining the Chaos Emeralds.
It is an action pinball game that can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old!

Distribution starts on Friday, April 22!

In addition to the three games added on Friday, April 22, 2022, there are many other titles that can be played on " Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online ".
In order to play the titles available on "Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online", including the three titles added this time, you will need to subscribe to "Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack".
The subscription to "SEGA Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online" will cost 4,900 yen (including tax) for 12 months for an individual plan, but by subscribing, you will also be able to play "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online." You can also use "Atsumare Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise" and "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Course Additional Pass" by subscribing, so you have no choice but to subscribe!
For more information, please check Nintendo's official website!


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