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"Kawajiri Kodama's soggy life", which is very popular in anime and books, appears in Sega Taiyaki!


GENDA SEGA Entertainment Inc. recently changed its name to GENDA GiGO Entertainment Inc.
It was announced that the "SEGA" brand game arcades will gradually change their name to " GiGO, " and this has become a major topic of conversation.
Not only game fans, but also people who used to stop by to play UFO Catcher and other games when they saw the "SEGA" logo when playing with friends or on a date will be very sad to see this change.
Of course, I will continue to visit the new "GiGO", but what I am interested in is " SEGA's Taiyaki ".
Not only will they fill my tummy while I play, but they also come in unique shapes with the SEGA logo, Megadora pads, and various collaborations with other SEGA products.
The taiyaki are also available in a variety of limited-edition flavors, so I'm curious to see how they turn out. Will it be "GiGO's Taiyaki"?
As we wait for further information, "Sega's Taiyaki", which has collaborated with various works, has announced a new collaboration!
It is a collaboration with Dangerous Lion of the Specter World, who currently has a very popular TV anime !

「株式会社GENDA SEGA Entertainment」が「株式会社GENDA GiGO Entertainment」に社名を変更、「SEGA」ブランドのゲームセンターが全て「GiGO」に

You can even get a badge! Kawajiri Kodama-yaki" is now available!

Sega's Taiyaki" is collaborating with Kawajiri Kod ama (@kakeakami ), the Dangerous Lion of the Specter World, who is a very popular manga artist on Twitter!
He published a manga about his own life on Twitter that became very popular, and when he compiled the contents and published it for free on kindle, " The Dangerous Life of Kodama Kawajiri, " it was also a big hit.
It was published in book form as " As I Am Kaw ajiri Kodama," and was adapted into an anime and broadcast as "As I Am Kawajiri Kodama - The Dangerous Life Hacker's Dangerous Life " on Fuji Television's " EXITV," which airs every Thursday night at midnight, with Aoi Yuuki playing almost all of the roles. 〜The show is currently being animated and broadcast as "Dangerous Life Hacker : The Dangerous Life Hacker's Dangerous Life "!
Currently, the exhibition " As I Am Kodama Kawajiri ~ Izakaya (izakaya-like) Kawajiri Kodama-tei ~ " is being held at Akiba CO Gallery in Akihabara with free admission until February 5, 2022 (Sat.).
LINE Stamps are also on sale!

Kawajiri Kodama-yaki

As for the collaboration with Sega Taiyaki, " Kawajiri Kodama Yaki " will be on sale at Sega Taiyaki Akihabara store!
The front of the taiyaki has a design of Kawajiri Kodama, and the back of the taiyaki has a design of the back of Kawajiri Kodama's head and " Tenkei Neko-san," a higher ranking person who gives us a revelation.
The inside is made of premium cream, which is quite hot when freshly baked, so be careful not to burn your mouth!
And if you order the "Kawajiri Kodama Yaki", an original can badge ( 12 kinds in total) will come with your order at random!

Original can badge (image)

There are also some crazy designs such as " Demgal Yaki ", " Imaginary taiyaki worker Mr. Kawamura ", "Imaginary taiyaki craftsman Mr. Yoshida ", and so on. There are also some crazy designs.
If you visit Akihabara, be sure to stop by and get a tasty "Kawajiri Kodama-yaki" and an original tin badge!
The "Kawajiri Kodama-yaki" will be on sale from February 19, 2022 (Sat) to March 20, 2022 (Sun) for a limited time at 600 yen (tax included).
An " Acrylic Diorama Set - SEGA Limited Edition " (total of 6 kinds) will also be available at crane games in some stores from February 19, 2022 (Sat), the same day as the release of the product, so grab a "Kawajiri Kodama-yaki" to complete your collection!

アクリルジオラマセット ~セガ限定~
Acrylic Diorama Set -Sega Limited Edition

For more information, please visit Sega 's store information site!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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