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SEGA Atlas holds the TGS2020 Online Cosplay Contest! Open to the public!

セガ・アトラスが「TGS2020オンライン コスプレコンテスト」開催!一般投票受付中!

Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online " (hereinafter referred to as "TGS2020 Online") finally started on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.
This year, due to the effects of the new coronavirus, TGS will be held online for the first time.
Many companies exhibited their latest information, and many people look forward to this event every year as they can try out pre-release games.
Another fun aspect of the Tokyo Game Show is cosplay.
At last year's Tokyo Game Show 2019, the "Cosplay Runway" and "Cosplay Collection Night" were held, and many visitors were drawn to the super high quality of the cosplayers.
However, this year's TGS2020 Online was held online.
To avoid any confusion, we thought it was inevitable that such a cosplay event would not be held, but Sega Atlas announced on the special TGS2020 Online website that a cosplay contest will be held!
The cosplayers who will be eligible to vote are those who were selected from among those who posted cosplay images related to Sega Atlas on Twitter!
The number was originally announced to be 20, but due to the popularity of the contest, the number has been increased to 60 in honor of Sega's 60th anniversary!


Public voting is now open until September 26th!

セガ・アトラス TGS2020オンライン コスプレコンテスト
Sega Atlas TGS2020 Online Cosplay Contest
SPECIAL コスプレコンテスト-スペシャル企画- | セガ・アトラスTGS2020オンライン特設サイト

The top three cosplayers selected from among those who entered the " SEGA ATLAS TGS2020 Online Cosplay Cont est" will be announced on the live broadcast program " SEGA ATLAS TV " on September 27 (Sun.).
In addition, the person with the most votes will make a remote appearance to announce the results! Your "favorite layer" may appear on "SEGA ATLAS TV"!
Voting is open from the Cosplay Contest Voting Page on the Sega Atlas TGS2020 Online special site.
Voting will be open until 18:00 on Saturday, September 26, and you can only vote once, so take your time and make your choice!
For more information about the "Sega Atlas TGS2020 Online Cosplay Contest," please visit the Sega Atlas "TGS2020 Online Cosplay Contest" special site.


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