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Sega "Astro City Mini" will be added to the phantom title! Limited version of 2P color is also released!


Astro City Mini ", one of the products commemorating the 60th anniversary of Sega's founding, scheduled for release on December 17, 2020 (Thursday).
With the announcement of the 36 titles to be included in the game, as well as various peripherals and limited editions, all we had to do was wait for the game to go on sale.
As reported by funglr Games in the "Sega Atlus TV" broadcast at the first online Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online, the game will be released in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and China. Astro City Mini" will also include a new game title!


The unplayable game "Dotlicun" has been added!

Astro City Mini" will include a total of 36 game titles, all of which have already been announced, but now it has been announced that a 37th game title, " Dotlikun", will be added!

【第4弾 アストロシティミニ】37番目のタイトルを発表!幻のドットイートゲーム『ドットリクン』が復活!|セガトイズ

The 37th game title, " DotRikun," has been added to the list!
That's because you probably don't remember playing DotRikun. DotRikun" is a game that was almost impossible to play in the "Astro City" arcade.
DotRikun" is a dot-eat game based on Sega's arcade game " HeadOn", which was actually included in all "AstroCity" machines.
The "Astro City" game was sold with a "DotRikun" base, as it was not possible to sell only the non-playable version of the game in the game cabinet at the time. However, AstroCity was not sold with the "DotRikun" infrastructure.
However, the game was soon replaced by a popular game in game arcades that had Astro City, so it is a rare game that few people have actually played.
It is understandable that SEGA would include popular titles and classic games with low production numbers, but to include a title that almost no one has ever played, well, that 's SEGA for you!
Even if you have played all 36 titles in the collection, most of you have never played "DotRikun"!
Let's play it for the first time with "Astro City Mini"!

Limited 2P color version available now!

The "Astro City Mini" has the same color scheme as the 1P side of "Astro City" with green joystick balls and buttons.
The "Astro City Mini" has the joystick ball and buttons in the green color scheme of the "Astro City" 1P, but the bright pink color scheme of the 2P side is hard to ignore! Some enthusiasts are thinking of changing the ball and buttons when they buy it, aren't they?
For those people, we have decided to release a limited edition model in the bright pink 2P color!

The 2P color " Astro City Mini SegaToys.com Pink Button Limited Version " will be available exclusively on the SegaToys.com e-commerce site, which is scheduled to open on October 14, 2020 (Wednesday).

アストロシティミニ セガトイズ.com ピンクボタン限定バージョンA
Astro City Mini SegaToys.com Pink Button Limited Version A

The "Astro City Mini" is not a stand-alone product, but a prize set that includes a pink-button "Astro City Mini", two pink-button control pads, parts to transform it into a "New Astro City" style, and a "New Astro City" style "Astro City Mini". Version A" includes the "New Astro City Mini Speaker Cover ".

アストロシティミニ セガトイズ.com ピンクボタン限定バージョンB
Astro City Mini SegaToys.com Pink Button Limited Version B

Version B" will include the "Astro City Mini" with pink buttons, the Astro City Mini Arcade Stick with pink buttons , and the "New Astro City Mini Speaker Covers". The 2P color with pink buttons is also attractive.

The 2P color with pink button is very attractive, but the "New Astro City Mini Speaker Cover" is just irresistible!
The "New Astro City Mini Speaker Covers" will not be sold separately at this time, so in order to get the "New Astro City Mini", you must purchase this limited edition!

The release date is December 17, 2020 (Thursday), the same as the standard edition "Astro City Mini" and will include the same 37 game titles as the standard edition "Astro City Mini".
Pre-orders will begin at 13:00 on October 14, 2020 (Wednesday ), the day SegaToys.com opens!
The price is 18,360 yen (excluding tax) for "Version A " and 24,600 yen ( excluding tax) for "Version B ", both limited to 1500 sets!
There is a possibility that they will be sold out the same day as the pre-order starts, so be on standby to pre-order on the day of the pre-order!

Early purchase specials at each store have also been announced!

Astro City Mini" is scheduled to be released on December 17, 2020 (Thursday) at a price of 12,800 yen (excluding tax).
Various limited editions and peripherals are now available for pre-order, and each retailer has also announced their own early bird specials!
The following stores and special offers have been announced

  • Amazon.co.jp : Smartphone wallpaper
  • Arc game stores: acrylic keychain set
  • GEO game stores: Silver tray mini
  • Kamishin Denki game stores: Smartphone wallpaper
  • Bic Camera Group game stores : Clear file
  • Yodobashi Camera Game Store : Clear File
  • Rakuten Books : Cleaner cloth

The designs are currently under development.
The design has not been announced yet, but we are waiting for more information on the design of the bonus and other retailers that may offer the early purchase bonus!

Sega is really making their fans happy with the addition of the "DotRikun" and the limited pink button version.
There are about two and a half months until the release, so maybe there will be more information to come...who knows?
For more information, please visit the official Astro City Mini website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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