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Celebrate! Sega's 61st Anniversary! The "SEGA SEGA Happy Photo Submission Campaign" has started!

Celebrate! Sega's 61st Anniversary! The

> June 3rd isthe birthday of everyone's favorite company, Sega!
On June 3, 2020, Sega celebrated its 60th anniversary and under the banner of " GO SEGA," a great number of events were held.
Starting with the announcement of " Game Gear Mikro," followed by " Astro City Mini," " Sakura Revolution," " Virtua Fighter x esports project," and so on, every time we made an announcement, it became a big topic of conversation. You can see how much Sega is loved by its fans.
Finally, the " Virtua Fighter esports ", the true form of the "Virtua Fighter x esports project", will be released on PS4, and the "ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3" arcade game will be released. Net P-ras MULTI version 3" in arcades.
And on Thursday, June 3, 2021, Sega will celebrate its 61st anniversary! Congratulations!
To celebrate our 61st birthday, we have launched the "Sega Sega Shikishi Photo Submission Campaign "!

「Virtua Fighter esports」が「ALL.Net P-ras MULTI バージョン3」で稼働開始!ゲームセンターへ向かえ!

Submit your "SEGA SEGA SIGA SHIRICHI PHOTO" and get SEGA logo goods!

The "Sega Sega Shikkoto Submission Campaign" is a campaign for submitting photos of your favorite Sega goods, Sega games and services, and other refreshingly Sega-like photos, in other words, " Sega Sega Shikkoto" photos, on Twitter. In other words, "Sega Sega-ish photos" will be posted on Twitter.
Fifteen winners will be selected by drawing from among those who take and post great photos of their prized SEGA goods.
However, what is a "SEGA SEGA-like photo"? Here are some examples of "SEGA SEGA SEGA Shikkuri photos" that have been uploaded by the official SEGA team.

"セガセガしい写真 投稿キャンペーン"特設ページ

As you would expect from a Sega official, all of the photos are of a very high level of "Sega Sega Shikki".
Let's take pictures of "SEGA" around you to make "SEGA SEGA SEGA SHIRY PICTURES" that exceed this level!

To participate in the "SEGA SEGA SEGA SIGA SHIRY PICTURE SUBMISSION CAMPAIGN", follow the official SEGA account(@SEGA_OFFICIAL) on Twitter and post your " SEGA SEGA SHIRY PICTURE " on your Twitter account with the hashtag " #SEGA SEGA SHIRY PICTURE". Sega 's Birthday " on your Twitter account!
Among the participants, 5 winners will be selected by drawing to win a T-shirt, a plate, an eco-bag, a stainless steel bottle, and a wireless charger as " Sega Logo Goods ".

Sega logo goods
"セガセガしい写真 投稿キャンペーン"特設ページ

Prize B: "SEGA logo mask + SEGA official account original sticky note " will be awarded to 10 winners by drawing, for a total of 15 winners!

セガロゴ入りマスク + セガ公式アカウントオリジナル付せん
Mask with SEGA logo + SEGA official account original sticky note
"セガセガしい写真 投稿キャンペーン"特設ページ

Please note that the campaign period is quite short, from June 3, 2021 (Thu) to June 7, 2021 (Mon) 23:59.
Winners will be notified by direct message on Twitter by June 14, 2021 (Monday), and the products will be shipped as soon as the notification is completed, so make sure you are reachable!
Sega fans tend to love seeing their own "Sega" and seeing other Sega fans' "Sega".
Take this chance to show off your Sega to Sega fans all over the world with your "Sega Sega Shikki" photos!
For more information about the campaign, please check the "Sega Sega Shikkashii Photo Submission Campaign" special page!


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