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Release date of new action RPG BANDAI NAMCO "SCARLET NEXUS" compatible with PS5 Xbos Series X | S!

PS5・Xbos Series X|S対応の新作アクションRPG バンダイナムコ「SCARLET NEXUS」の発売日決定!

Bandai Namco Entertainment's brand new Brain Punk Action RPG "SCARLET NEXUS".
After the "Inside Xbox" announcement in May 2020, it was announced that the game will be compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Steam, PS5, and Xbos Series X|S.
Until now, videos and information have been released one after another, such as the story trailer "Yuit" and a trailer at The Game Awards, but no release date, price, or other product information has been announced.
However, no release date, price, or other product information has been announced. The release date has been set!

It will be released on June 24th!


It's the release date, after all! SCARLET NEXUS" will be released on Thursday, June 24, 2021! The Steam version will be released on Friday, June 25, 2021.
Both the packaged and downloadable versions will be priced at 8,200 yen (excluding tax ), and the PS4 version can be upgraded to the PS5 version for free, and the Xbox version is Smart Delivery compatible!
Many titles for PS5 and Xbos Series X|S are scheduled to be released from spring to summer, so "SCARLET NEXUS" will also be released in those hotly contested areas, but considering the amount of attention it is getting, it looks like it will be a big hit. I'm looking forward to playing it!


In addition to the standard edition, " SCARLET NEXUS -DELUXE EDITION- " will also be released as a downloadable version only, with a set of luxurious perks.
In addition to the main game, the game will also include an art and digital soundtrack, a set of "Red Costume" costumes for all characters,the "The Other " attachment, and a set of three additional plug-ins.
The "Art & Digital Soundtrack," with its beautiful artwork and powerful sounds, is a must-have!
The price is 9,600 yen (excluding tax ) for all this luxury, which is just a little more than the regular edition! You can't go wrong with the DELUXE EDITION!


Early purchase bonus & store-specific perks revealed!

The early purchase bonus that has become so familiar in recent games is also available for "SCARLET NEXUS"!

SCARLET NEXUS Early Purchase Benefits

The packaged version comes with a bonus code for early production, while the downloadable version will offer in-game content to those who download the game by 23:59 on July 26, 2021 (Monday)!
The bonus includes a set of 11 additional attachments "Bucky-chan", a set of additional costumes "Special Costume -Oto-" designed in collaboration with THE ORAL CIGARETTES, who sings the game's theme song , a set of costumes for all characters, and a set of costumes designed in collaboration with THE ORAL CIGARETTES. CIGARETTES collaboration design, an additional attachment " Face Vision Imprint " also designed in collaboration with THE ORAL CIGARETTES, an additional attachment " Dream Catcher " also designed in collaboration with THE ORAL CIGARETTES, and much more!
You can get all of these perks just by purchasing early, so be sure to reserve your copy and get it on the release date!

In addition, the packaged version of the game comes with original perks depending on where you buy it!

Asobi Store bonus

The Asobi Store will be offering a bonus code to obtain the " Star" Yuit & Kasane set of additional weapons for use in the game , a set of 10 additional "Rotating Vision" attachments, and a set of 10 special postcards.

SCARLET NEXUS アソビストアオリジナル特典
SCARLET NEXUS Asobi Store Original Privilege

Amazon bonus

Amazon offers a bonus code for the " Light" and "Saw" Yuito & Kasane set, which can be used in the game.

SCARLET NEXUS Amazonオリジナル特典
SCARLET NEXUS Amazon Original Offer

GEO Reward

GEO bonus code for the "Light" and "Thorn" Yuit & Kasane set, which can be used in-game.

SCARLET NEXUS GEO original privilege

It's hard to decide where to buy the game, but you'll have to decide which bonus you want and make sure you pre-order it!

The latest trailer is out!

To coincide with this announcement, the latest trailer focusing on the other main character " Kasane Randall " has been released!
It's a very stylish video that makes us want to play it as soon as possible, but we'll have to wait until June! But you'll have to wait until June to see the trailer!

TV anime will start in summer 2021!

The release date of "SCARLET NEXUS" has been announced, but now there is even more surprising information.
It has been decided that a new TV animation will be released simultaneously around the world in the summer of 2021!
Sunrise will be in charge of the production, so it is already a promise that the quality will be high!


Is the Scarlet Nexus a liberation or a rupture?

It is the year 2020 of the new calendar.
Humanity is threatened by a strange life form descending from the stratosphere.
The Kaiyouganei Army is organized to defeat the monsters.
It is a group of people with "super brain power" who can materialize visions in their brains.
Yuto and Kasane join the group and become embroiled in an irresistible destiny and the truth of the world.

The introduction to the anime has been released, and we can't wait to see how the story unfolds!
In conjunction with this announcement, the official website, official Twitter (@SNX_ANIME ), and TV anime teaser PV have been released, so be sure to check them out!

Along with the announcement of the TV anime, comments from Junya Enoki, who plays the role of Yuit, andAsami Seto, who plays the role of Kasane, have been released.

Comment from Junya Enoki who plays the role of Yuito Sumeragi

Junya Enoki

My name is Junya Enoki, and I will be voicing Yuito Sumeragi.
Information about the title and worldview of the game had already been announced earlier, but I am very happy to hear that the game will be adapted into an anime as well!
Yuit is a rookie member of the Kaiyoujin Army that fights against monsters, so I'm going to play the role in a fresh and passionate way. I hope you will enjoy it!


Comment from Asami Seto who plays the role of Kasane Randall

Masami Seto

It was right around the end of the game recording when I learned that the game was going to be adapted into a TV anime.
I was happy to be able to continue playing the role of Kasane, and I was also looking forward to the opportunity to play the role with the other cast members, which I could not experience in the game recording.
In the game, there are two main characters, and the story begins when you select one of them.
In the game, there are two main characters, and you start the story by selecting one of them. This means that you have to follow the story from two different points of view, and the story is twice as long.
Kasane is a child who has little interest in anyone but her older sister, Naomi, and to the rest of us, she can be cold and honest in her attitude and honest in her thoughts without taking offense.
I think it could be said that she is easily misunderstood.
I would like to play such a Kasane carefully.


A special live broadcast will be held to commemorate the release date!

To commemorate the release date of "SCARLET NEXUS," a special program " SCARLET NEXUS Release Date Announced! A special live broadcast will be held to commemorate the release date of "SCARLET NEXUS". Special live distribution " will be held to commemorate the release of "SCARLET NEXUS"!
Junya Enoki and Masami Seto, who commented on the TV anime, will appear as special guests to review the game's contents, world view, and gameplay.
Perhaps we will be able to hear some behind-the-scenes stories about the recording?
The program will be broadcast on March 24, 2021 (Wed.) at 19:30 on 876TV's official YouTube channel, so don't miss it!

It will be on sale in about 3 months! Let's make a reservation and wait!

It will be about 3 months until the release of "SCARLET NEXUS". It may seem like a long time, but it will be here before you know it.
Pre-orders for the downloadable and packaged versions for each platform have already started, so let's prepare for the release by making reservations while taking into consideration the early purchase benefits and original perks offered by each store!
The official website has also been updated along with this announcement, so please check the new "SCARLET NEXUS" official website for more details!


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BANDAI NAMCO's latest work "SCARLET NEXUS" will be released on PS4 and PS5!
BANDAI NAMCO's latest work "SCARLET NEXUS" will be released on PS4 and PS5!...

It was an announcement to be sold by the latest model of Bandai Namco which sells many famous story game titles and the "Xbox Series X" "SCARLET

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