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Rewards to players, of course, XRP (Ripple) payment! SBI e-Sports launches PUBG Mobile Division and 5 new players join!

選手への報酬はもちろんXRP(リップル)払い!SBI e-SportsがPUBGモバイル部門発足&5名の選手が新規加入!

SBI e-Sports, an e-sports company operated by the SBI Group, which offers financial services such as SBI Securities and SBI Sumishin Net Bank, has launched a new PUBG Mobile Division, with five new members: "T4ku," "Hayato-kun," "quot;yoma," "Sennin," and "MiLK. quot; "yoma", "Sennin", and "MiLK".

Rewards will be paid in the cryptocurrency XRP (Ripple)!


The five new players will be paid in the cryptocurrency "Ripple (XRP)" instead of Japanese yen, in accordance with their wishes and the agreement with the sponsor, SBIVC Trade Co.

SBI established "SBI Ripple Asia K.K." in May 2016 together with Ripple Labs Inc. to provide next-generation payment infrastructure using blockchain technology.

The sponsor, SBIVC Trade Corporation, is also a member of the SBI Group and operates a cryptocurrency exchange and sales office, handling not only Ripple but also Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).
If you are interested in crypto asset management, why not open an account with SBIVC Trade?
Currently, a commercial design Quo card (worth 500 yen) featuring Reina Sumi is being offered as a present when you open a new account as part of a campaign.

Messages from new players

The SBI e-Sports website has profile pages for both new players and their messages on their joining.

T4ku player: Message

We will do our best every day to enter the PMJL. Thank you for your support.

Hayato-kun: message from the new player

I will be the kind of player that everyone will cheer for! To earn the title of all-rounder, I will do my best to play all roles, including order, attacker, and support!

Ryoma: message from joining

I will do my best by making use of what I have been doing since the early days of the release of the game as a smartphone player. Thank you for your support.

Sennin player: message from joining

I'll do my best to help the team!

MiLK player: joining message

I will work hard and grow every day and do my best to contribute as much as possible to the team.


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