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Sangokushi 14 collaborates with shochu!? Authentic shochu of Satsuma Tsubataya Denbei appeared in the game!


The latest title in Koei Tecmo's historical simulation game series "Mikuni : 14 " is now available on PS4 and Steam.
The first game was released in 1985 and has a long history of 35 years this year, and has been loved by simulation game fans and Mikuni fans alike.
The name "Mikuni" may sound a bit daunting to some, but in fact it has been the subject of many collaborations with unexpected places.
We collaborated with the epic space opera " Legend of the Galactic Heroes," and then with the cute character " Liza's Atelier.
Since the end of April, we have also collaborated with " Palipi Komei," which is currently being serialized on the manga distribution site "Comic DAYS.
In addition to these collaborations, the actual shochu sold by Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei will appear in the game!

Authentic shochu from Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei

薩州 赤兎馬
Satsushu Red Rabbit

The real shochu sold by the Kagoshima shochu brewery Satsushu Ham adaya Denbei will appear in the game, including Satsushu Akabaguma.
Denbei Satsushu Hamadaya is a shochu brewery that produces the long-loved sweet potato shochu " Satsushu Akabaguma " and the barley shochu " Satsushu Rofu ", both of which are inspired by the Three Kingdoms and are favored by many fans.
In April of this year, they released a collaboration shochu called " Satsushu Mikokushi" to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the "Sangokushi" series, which has also been very well received.

薩州 三國志
Satsushu: Three Kingdoms
薩州 濵田屋伝兵衛"三國志14"特設ページ

It is now available as an item in the game!

The aforementioned "Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei" shochu will appear as an in-game item in "Sangokushi 14"!
There are three types of shochu available: " Satsushu Mikokushi", "Satsushu Akabaguma", and "Satsushu Rofu ".
When a player "starts a new game", he or she will start the game with an item that corresponds to the sovereign he or she has chosen.
Each item has a different effect and can be given to other generals, so make the most of it and plan your strategy!

薩州 三國志
Satsushu: Three Kingdoms
薩州 赤兎馬
Satsushu Red rabbit horse
薩州 呂布
Satsuma Lu Bu

The DLC will be available on May 28th!

The DLC for "Satsushu Mikokushi," "Satsushu Red Rabbit," and "Satsushu Lu Bu" will be available from May 28, 2020 (Thursday )!
Many adult fans of the Three Kingdoms will already be drinking "Satsushu Akabaguma" and "Satsushu Rofu"!
Why don't you actually play "Sangokushi 14" while drinking authentic shochu?
For more details, please check the "Sangokushi 14" collaboration special page!


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