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NFT game "The Sandbox" partners with SHIBUYA109! Started selling original NFT items

ブロックチェーンゲーム「The Sandbox」がSHIBUYA109と提携!オリジナルNFTアイテム販売も開始

SHIBUYA109 Entertainment, which operates commercial facilities such as SHIBUYA109 and develops entertainment content for young people, will open "SHIBUYA109 LAND," a digital space in the metaverse with the blockchain game platform The Sandbox. 109 LAND", a digital space in the metaverse on the blockchain game platform The Sandbox.
To celebrate the launch, a SHIBUYA109 LAND sale will begin on April 7 in The Sandbox, selling exclusive NFTs and virtual land in the surrounding area.

What is SHIBUYA109 LAND?

SHIBUYA109 LAND The Sandbox公式サイト

The Sandbox, a blockchain game platform, allows anyone to place games and sell NFT assets in the virtual space as long as they own LAND, the virtual land in the game.
SHIBUYA109 LAND will recreate Tokyo's landmark SHIBUYA109, Shibuya's iconic intersection, and other prominent spots in the neighborhood in the game's metaverse.
Various events will be held.

From now on, SHIBUYA109's charm will be communicated

With the opening of SHIBUYA109 LAND, they will be sending out advertisements and selling NFT on the Metaverse from now on.
Currently, it seems that they are still in a state of preparation.
The Sandbox will also be used to hold events in collaboration with artists and characters, as well as to sell original NFTs and play mini-games.
The possibilities for collaboration between "Japan Fanchon and the Metaverse World" are only getting more exciting.

SHIBUYA109 LAND" Sale in The Sandbox!

SHIBUYA109 LAND The Sandbox公式サイト

A sale will also be held on April 7 (Thu.) at 22:00 Japan time in The Sandbox pre-format!
The sale will be limited to 100 sets of limited NFT items and LAND.
You can purchase from the official announcement site of The Sandbox.

LAND in the vicinity of Shibuya is going on sale?


The land for sale is in the vicinity of SHIBUYA109 LAND.
Land in The Sandbox is just like land in the real world, with prices going up as the area develops.
If you are looking forward to the development of SHIBUYA109 LAND, this sale is a good chance to buy!


SHIBUYA109 LAND will also be selling "Neon Toy SHIBUYA109," an NFT item that expresses Shibuya with a focus on SHIBUYA109.
For the latest information, check The Sandbox Twitter account or theofficial SHIBUYA109 website!


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