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Blockchain game "The Sandbox" land "LAND" is released with "Coincheck NFT (β version)" that you can easily buy and sell NFT!

手軽にNFTを売買できる「Coincheck NFT(β版)」 でブロックチェーンゲーム「The Sandbox」の土地「LAND」が発売!

The Sandbox ", a blockchain game attracting worldwide attention and funded by Square Enix, will be available for sale on Coincheck NFT (beta version ) "LAND" from April 5, 2012! LAND!
LAND" is a land in the virtual space, and this time the sale is a part of the "LAND" owned by Coincheck.

What is the closing currency?

Coincheck NFT
Coincheck NFT

According to a press release issued by Coincheck on March 24, the currencies that can be used in the "Coincheck NFT (beta version)" marketplace for general users to trade are BTC, ETH, LSK, XRP, XEM, LTC, BCH, MONA, XLM QTUM, BAT, IOST, and ENJ, but only ETH can be used for this launch.
Also, SAND, the currency that can be used within the blockchain game The Sandbox, is currently not yet listed on Coincheck.
I can't wait to see it listed, as NFT-related activities are really picking up steam, with former actress Ai Uehara releasing her own NFT art!


What is the source of entry?

As for the source of deposit, we use " MetaMask," which is a standard virtual currency wallet, and "Coincheck," which is a leading virtual currency wallet.
If you buy from Coincheck, Coincheck will pay the gas fee (commission fee) for you and it's free! When trading in the blockchain game, the Gas fee will inevitably add up, so it's great to be able to buy and sell without worrying about the Gas fee!

Popular game with 40 million downloads worldwide

"The Sandbox" is a simulation game where players can freely decide their own objectives. The Sandbox" has been downloaded more than 40 million times worldwide, and the blockchain PC version of "The Sandbox" is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021.

The 33 "LAND" lots for sale are considered to be among the most popular areas acquired by Coincheck on February 17, 2021. Why not take this opportunity to purchase "LAND"!

Details of "LAND" release
Date and time of release April 5, 2021, 19:00 (scheduled)
Number of "LAND" on sale 33 units
Crypto Assets Available for Settlement ETH

To learn more about "The Sandbox", please check the official Coincheck blog or"The Sandbox" official Twitter!


  • The schedule is subject to change without notice.
  • All times listed are Japan time.
  • Only LAND can be traded on Coincheck NFT (beta version).


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