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Samurai SPIRITS additional DLC character "Beheading Break Sara" delivery date is decided! !

SAMURAI SPIRITS追加DLCキャラクター「首斬り破沙羅」の配信日が決定!!

SNK's "SAMURAI SPIRITS" has been on a meteoric rise with the recent announcement of a collaboration with Pazudora, and now the distribution date for an additional paid DLC character, "Kabukiri Hashara," has been set and a new trailer has been released!

What kind of character?

Beheading Breaker Sara

"Kubashiri Hashara" is a character who first appeared in "SAMURAI SHODOWN Zankohiro Musouken".
CV is Yuji Murai from Akita Prefecture!

A ghost who wanders this world.
When he was alive, he was a kind-hearted young man, but after a certain event, he became a ghost with madness in him.
He continues to hunt as whispered to him by his deceased beloved lover, Bonfire.
The blade that comes out of the shadows has no mercy.


He is a master of the "Togabito Goroshi," a unique weapon consisting of a chain connected to a large ring with three blades shaped like shurikens, and excels at close to medium-range combat.
The character of "Kabukiri-Basara," who is the reason why he became a ghost, does not appear in the new game at this time, so it seems that the character setting has changed a little.
To find out what kind of character the previous "Headbuttler Sara" was, play "SAMURAI SHODOWN Zankohiro Musouken" and "SAMURAI SHODOWN Amakusa Descent"!
Both are included in the NEOGEO mini SAMURAI SHODOWN limited set!

head chop sura (ritual of cutting the head off a sword)

The delivery date is October 15!

"Kabukiri Bashara" will be available on Tuesday, October 15, 2019! This is at the same time as the recently announced Pazudora Collaboration Costume.
The stand-alone price is 600 yen (tax not included), and it is included in the Season Pass, so there is no additional charge for those who have already purchased it.
The balance of characters used will likely change as new characters are added one after another: Limuru in August, Himure Kangan in September, Kazama Hizuki in November, and Ohtora in December!

More details on the SNK News Release page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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