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True NEOGEO final work "Samurai Spirits Zero SPECIAL full version" will be arcade operation decided in 2022!


SNK's popular sword fighting game " SAMURAI SPIRITS " is at its peak with the release of " Ume Kain " from " GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 " as the last character added to the Season Pass 3.
I'm sure you've all used "Ume-Kan" by now, but it's so well made!
When you use it, you may even feel like you are playing "GUILTY GEAR" for a moment, because the motion of "Ume-Kan" is recreated, but it is still Samurai Spirits!
If you haven't used it yet, download it now!
Many of you may have started playing Samuspi with the release of "Samurai Spirits" in 2019, but the game has a long history, having been released mainly in arcades and on the NEOGEO since its inception in 1993.
The history of Samuspi in arcades will be revived!
The "SAMURAI SHODOWN ZERO SPECIAL Complete Version" will be released in arcades!

SAMURAI SPIRITS × GUILTY GEAR!隻眼・隻腕の女剣士「梅喧」がサムスピに参戦!

In 2022, it will be available at exA-Arcadia!

SAMURAI SHODOWN ZERO SPECIAL COMPLETE VERSION " is a title that was unreleased at the time, with a new story and ending that were not included in the last title released on the NEOGEO, "SAMURAI SHODOWN ZERO SPECIAL". The game will be released in 2020.
The game was included in the " SAMURAI SHODOWN Neo-Geo Collection " released in 2020, and was officially released as a Samuspi title.
In the "Samurai Shodown Neo-Geo Collection," it is introduced as a work of illusion, which can be said to be the last true "NEOGEO" work.
It has been decided that the "SAMURAI SHODOWN Zero SPECIAL Complete Version" will be released in arcades on the " exA-Arcadia " amusement platform in 2022!
The exA-Arcadia official website says, "After 18 long years, this title, which is too good to be left as a phantom title, will finally be delivered to game arcades all over the world. The official website of exA-Arcadia also includes a very enthusiastic message.
Show Me Holdings, the company that operates exA-Arcadia, must have some passionate Samuspi fans!
More details, including product details and the date of launch, will be announced as they become available, so stay tuned!
For more information, please visit the official "exA-Arcadia" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Finally, the details of "Samurai Spirits NeoGeo Collection" are released! Unreleased titles of the phantom are also included!
Finally, the details of "Samurai Spirits NeoGeo Collection" are released! Unrele...

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