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Sakura Revolution "Serial Video Vol.5 Confirmed ?️! Out-of-season maiden survey "Public!

サクラ革命「連続動画 第五弾 確定⁉️激アツ?季節はずれの乙女調査」公開!

Sega and Delightworks are pleased to announce the launch of a new Sakura Wars game, " Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Maidens" (hereafter "Sakura Revolution"), which will begin service next Tuesday, December 15, 2020.
The service will begin next week, on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.
The excitement is at an all-time high, as December 15 will mark the first time in a month that the Aogashima Broadcasting Station will be broadcasting live!
Even though "Serial Movie #4: Hajimari wa Sakura-iro" was just released on December 4 (Fri.), " Serial Movie #5: Definite⁉️Really hot? Out of Season Maiden Investigation " is now available!

サクラ革命のPV的映像「連続動画 第四弾 はじまりは桜色」公開!

New Maidens are released!

The 5th movie "Serial Movie #5: Sure⁉️Extreme Hotness? In the "Out of Season Maidens Survey", new maidens who have appeared in the video so far are officially introduced!
The newly announced ones are

  • Hyogo : Awaji Nogiku
  • Hokkaido : Nanako Biei
  • Saga : Imari Kusuno

Saga : Imari Kusuno
Rin Shiranui, who appears in this video, has already been introduced in "The Maidens of the Sakura Revolution: Aogashima Hanagumi/Kyushu Hanagumi", and Uchika Tateyama andMana Jujigai have already been introduced in the "Continuous Video Vol. 2: The New Hanagumi Maidens", but new information such as range types has also been released.

"Japan Crossing Otome Survey (Gacha)" will be held!
『サクラ革命』連続動画 第五弾 確定⁉️激アツ?季節はずれの乙女調査

And this time, instead of "Special Report! The " Japan Crossing Otome Survey (Gacha)" will be held to commemorate the start of the service !
So, the spiritual power survey rocket launched by Kimikage was a gacha performance.
I'm looking forward to spinning the gacha and starting my journey with the maidens introduced so far!

And now for the regular preview of the next episode!
It's a video that shows how well the three girls of the Aogashima Hanagumi get along with each other and their relationships.

"We won't give up our starring role!"
『サクラ革命』連続動画 第五弾 確定⁉️激アツ?季節はずれの乙女調査

Next time: " Aogashima Housoukai, Service Launch Commemorative Live Special: Take Me to the Stage! " will be broadcast live on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, the day the service begins!
The pre-broadcast will begin at 12:00 and the main broadcast will begin at 12:45, so don't miss it!

This may be the last time for the commemorative campaign!

We thought it might be the last campaign, but this time, there will be another campaign!
The 13th(?) of 10 major campaigns The campaign is called " 5th serial video distribution commemoration campaign "!
Follow the official Sakura Revolution Twitter account(@sakura_kakumei) and retweet the following tweet, and two winners will be chosen by drawing from among those who retweet the following tweet: " Aogashima Hanagumi (Moeka Kishimoto, Ayumi Matsuura, and Yuko Natsuyoshi), Imperial Air Grenadier Cor ps", and one winner will be chosen by drawing from among those who retweet the following tweet. One winner will receive an Amazon gift certificate worth 10,000 yen!
The campaign period is until 23:59 on December 14, 2020 (Thursday ), the same day before the service starts.
Apply for both campaigns at the same time to increase your chances!

The next video will be a live special program on the day of service launch.
So, this will be the last campaign before the service starts.
There were 13 major campaigns after all, and the pre-registration campaign has been adding rewards all over the place, so Sakura Revolution really cares about its fans.
The service launch is already next week! Pre-order the app, pre-register, and wait for the service to start!
For more information, please check the official "Sakura Revolution: Otome in Bloom" website!


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