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Sakura Revolution "Serial Video 2nd Hanagumi Maiden" Released! Hana-Gumi members from all over the country appeared!

サクラ革命「連続動画 第二弾 現れた花組乙女」公開!全国の花組メンバーが登場!

The new Sakura Wars by SEGA and Delightworks, "Sakura Revolution - Maidens in Bloom" (hereafter "Sakura Revolution"), is now available for pre-registration!
As new information is released one after another, the number of pre-registrations exceeded 300,000 on November 16, 2020! As additional rewards, Fubuki Shirakami (@shirakamifubuki) and Marin H oushou (@houshoumarine) have been chosen as voice actors for the game! Congratulations!
While we are still waiting for more information, the "Second Continuous Movie: Hanagumi Maidens Re vealed" was released on November 20, 2020 (Friday) !

サクラ革命「連続動画 第一弾 黒衣のプラナ」が公開!大帝國華撃団B.L.A.C.K.のメンバーが明らかに!

Hanagumi members from all over the country are making their debut!

The " Second Video Serial: Hanagumi Maidens Revealed " will only show new footage, just like the previous "First Video Serial: Prana in Black".
We were not able to see Chiaki Matsuzawa again this week, but we will definitely see her again, so please be patient!

In the "Second Continuous Movie: Hanagumi Maidens Revealed," the Hanagumi members from all over the country who appeared briefly in the previous episode's preview were unveiled!

  • Chugoku Hanagumi Okayama" by Momi Washu
  • Shikoku Hanagumi Tokushima Sana Sudachi
  • Kinki Hanagumi: Benishi Hijikata from Kyoto
  • Chubu Hanagumi: Riho Oigawa (Shizuoka)
  • Hokuriku Hanagumi Toyama Tateyama Uchika
  • Kanto Hanagumi: Gunma "Takasaki Tsutsuji
  • Tohoku Hanagumi: Yamagata "Mutsuha Mogami
  • Hokkaido Hanagumi "Jujigai Mana

The flower groups introduced here are from all over Japan. The one introduced this time is one from each region.
We are sure that other Hanagumi from other prefectures will be introduced in the future, so let's look forward to the appearance of the Hanagumi from your home prefecture!

And in the second half of the video, we get the usual preview for the next episode!

サクラ革命"連続動画 第三弾 大石よ、指揮をとれ"次回予告
Sakura Revolution" "The Third Continuous Movie: Oishi, Take Command" Next trailer
サクラ革命"連続動画 第二弾 現れた花組乙女"

The second half of the video is the usual preview for the next episode, narrated by Nadeshiko Sakira, and we can see many game screens. Seeing the actual game screen makes me want to play it as soon as possible, but it's just a few more screens!
The next "Sakura Revolution" video will be released on November 27, 2020 (Friday ).

We are now accepting applications for participants in the advance play trial!

The pre-registration campaign has reached its maximum of 300,000 players, and all the additional rewards are now being offered.
Just when we thought all we had to do was wait for the service to start, the recruitment of participants for the "Advanced Play Experience," an additional reward for reaching 150,000 pre-registrations, has started!
It's true that "advance play" means nothing if you don't play before the service starts, right?

Recruitment of participants for the trial play event!
サクラ革命"連続動画 第二弾 現れた花組乙女"

The "Advance Play Experience" will be held on December 6, 2020 (Sunday) from 14:00 for about 3 hours (tentative) at a certain location in Tokyo.
The event will feature the much-anticipated "Sakura Revolution" play session, as well as a talk show with the Sakura Revolution development team and guests Kohei Tanaka andMoeka Kishimoto.

To apply for the "Advance Play Session", follow the official Sakura Revolution Twitter account(@sakura_kakumei) and send a DM to the official Sakura Revolution Twitter account on Twitter with the message "I want to participate in the Advance Play Session. and send a DM to the official Sakura Revolution Twitter account with the message "I would like to participate in the trial event!
Thirty (30) people will be selected by drawing from among the applicants to be invited to an advanced play session!
The application period is from Friday, November 20, 2020 to Monday, November 30, 2020 at 23:59. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 1, 2020.
Winners will be notified via Twitter DM, so make sure you have your DM settings set to receive them!
For other precautions and details on the procedures after winning, please check the Advance Play Trial Session Participant Recruitment section of the official Sakura Revolution website!
We know it's going to be a tight call, but take a chance and apply!

The last of the 10 major campaigns is finally here!

In commemoration of the broadcast of the "Second Continuous Movie: Hanagumi Maidens Revealed", the " Second Continuous Movie: Delivery Commemoration Campaign ", the 10th of 10 major campaigns, is now being held!
Follow the official Sakura Revolution Twitter account (@sakura_kakumei) and retweet the following tweet to win one of the following prizes: "Aogashima Hanagumi (Moeka Kishimoto, Ayumi Matsuura, Yuko Natsuyoshi) autographs from the Teikoku Kagekidan Aogashima Hanagumi " and five winners will be selected in a drawing. Five winners will receive an Amazon gift certificate worth 5,000 yen!
The campaign period is until November 26, 2020 (Thursday) 23:59.
This may be the last campaign, so retweet now!

It is very moving to think that the 10 major campaigns that started when we announced the work are finally coming to an end....
On the other hand, the end of the campaign means the start of the service is near!
Let's wait for the next news while applying for the trial game so that we can experience Sakura Revolution ahead of others!
For more information, please visit the official "Sakura Revolution: Hanasaku Otome-tachi" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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