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We're all rice farming this summer! "Tenho no Sakunahime" is the first sale!


Released on November 12, 2020 (Thursday), the Japanese-style rice cultivation action RPG " Tenho no Sakuna Hime " by Eadweisu has shipped more than 1 million units worldwide.
It is a masterpiece title with a system that increases ability values through rice cultivation, a light and exhilarating action part, fascinating characters and story, and of course, the length of the day depending on the season, the ingredients of fertilizer, and so much more that we cannot talk about enough.
The game is constantly being updated, so you can be sure that the " there! " parts of the story have been fixed.
The update on June 23, 2021, allows you to hold a dog and a cat together.
With so much to offer in "Amanoho no Sakunahime," even those who have not yet played the game may be tempted to start playing.
For those of you who haven't yet, the first "Amanoho no Sakunahime" sale is now open!

30% off for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

Sale of "Tenho no Sakunahime
マーベラス コンシューマ公式Twitter

In this sale, you can buy the downloadable version of "Amaho no Sakunahime" on PS4 and Nintendo Switch at a whopping 30% off!
The regular edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is 5,478 yen (including tax) → 3,834 yen (including tax), and the " Luxury Edition with Music Collection " which includes the digital soundtrack with 42 songs, theme set, and avatar set for PS4 is also on sale for 7,678 yen (including tax) → 5,374 yen (including tax). (tax included)!
The music in the game "Amaho no Sakuna Hime" is really good, so PS4 users should definitely consider purchasing the "Luxury Edition with Music Collection".
This is an opportunity to purchase the one and only rice farming action game at a special price, and it is not to be missed! If you haven't played it yet, this is your chance!
Sale ends Wednesday, July 7, 2021! The PS4 version is available on the PlayStation Store and the Nintendo Switch version is available on the My Nintendo Store!
For more information about the sale, please check the official Marvelous Consumer Blog!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

Holiday! Commemorating the 1 million shipments worldwide! "Tenho's Sakunahime" original T-shirt present campaign is being held!
Holiday! Commemorating the 1 million shipments worldwide! "Tenho's Sakunahime" o...

The world total shipment number was an announcement to have broken through 1,000,000 on June 4, 2021 when "SAKUNAHIME in a heaven head" made 7 months

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