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Let's start preparing rice for spring! The download version of PS4/Nintendo Switch "Tenho no Sakunahime" is now at a new price!

春に向けて稲作の準備を始めよう!PS4/Nintendo Switch「天穂のサクナヒメ」のダウンロード版が新価格に!

March of the year 2022 has come early. In Tokyo, the temperature has been rising above 10 degrees Celsius on more and more days, and we can gradually feel the breath of spring.
Those of you who will start a new life this spring are probably busy looking for a new place to live and preparing furniture and appliances.
Sofa beds always end up becoming beds, so you might as well buy a bed, right? (*This is the author's personal opinion.)
Also, as the weather gets warmer, agriculture is in full swing.
Thanks to farmers all over the country who produce a lot of delicious crops, we are able to eat delicious meals every day, and I can't thank them enough for that.
It's a lot of work now that the weather is getting warmer, but it's a great chance to experience the whole process of harvesting, eating, and making power from the harvest!
The downloadable version of Eideruwaisu's masterpiece "Amaho no Sakunahime" has been revised to a new, more affordable price!


The regular edition is now 3,278 yen, more than 2,000 yen cheaper!

Sakunahime of Amaho
PlayStation Store

The new price is for the downloadable version of "Amanohono Sakunahime" for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
The packaged version was already available in December 2021 as "Amanoho no Sakunahime BEST PRICE ", and now the downloadable version will also be available at the same price.
The new price is 5,478 yen (including tax) for the standard edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 3,278 yen (including tax)!
The "Luxury Edition with Music Collection" for PS4, which includes digital sound, avatar, and theme, will be 7,678 yen (including tax) 4,378 yen (including tax) The price will be 7,678 yen (including tax) →!
The price of the "Luxury Edition with Music Collection" is lower than the original standard edition, so PS4 users can choose the "Luxury Edition with Music Collection".
Amanoho no Sakunahime" has shipped over 1 million copies worldwide, so it's no exaggeration to say that over 1 million people who have played the game have proven that it's fun.
As the weather warms up and the snow melts, preparations for rice planting will be in full swing, and we encourage everyone to start growing rice with farmers across the country on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
You can purchase the PS4 version from the PlayStation Store, and the Nintendo Switch version from the My Nintendo Store or the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch!
For more information about "Tenho no Sakuna Hime," please visit the official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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