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"Touken Ranbu" fans are delighted! Audio guide implementation of "Okumagara" voice actor in Kutari Gara Fudoji!


Kutsukara Fudoji Temple, a Shingon sect temple located on the Tonami Mountain Pass on the border of Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures, has announced that an audio tour of the temple grounds by voice actor Shin Furukawa will begin on Friday, April 23, 2021. The announcement was made at "Kutsukara Fudoji & quot;.

Shin Furukawa is the voice actor who plays the role of Dai-kutsukura in "Toukendanbu Hanamaru.
The "Ōkutsukurikyara" has been exhibited at the "Kutsukara Fudō-ji Temple Hall," so it is no exaggeration to say that this is a truly historic collaboration.

Three projects

There are three main projects being held at this year's exhibition.

Kurikara Shirube


A map introducing the area around the temple.

Voice guidance

Shin Furukawa, the voice actor of "Daikutsukurikara" in the sword dance series, provides guidance at the temple.

The Legend of Ryuoh Kutsura: The Legend of Ryuoh Kutsura" Video

You can watch a video of the temple's legend!

Signature Paper Present Campaign by Shin Furukawa


The official Twitter account of "Kuturikara Fudoji" was running a campaign to give away an autograph card signed by Shin Furukawa.
The campaign ended on May 2.

A project by our gorgeous staff!

The illustrations are by manga artist and illustrator Ichiko Tanno, and the planning and production is being handled by AID-DCC, Inc.

The overall project was produced by former Capcom director Shinsuke Kodama, and the scenario for the video was written by Hironao Fukuda, also a former Capcom scenario writer.
In the end roll of the video, the name of Hidetoshi Ishizawa (Neo_G), a well-known former Capcom developer of many fighting games, can be seen!
It seems that many distinguished people are involved in the staff.

Let's visit "Kutsukara Fudoji Temple"!


This audio guide is not limited to a certain period of time, but will be available in the temple grounds this year and next year as the default.

Sample videos of the audio guide are available on YouTube, so please enjoy it and visit "Kutsukarakara Fudoji Temple" when the world begins to calm down, whether you are a "sword dance" fan or not!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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