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ROG and IKEA are a collaboration! Announced the development of gaming furniture!


Furniture such as gaming desks and gaming chairs are important for comfortable game playing.
Various manufacturers are releasing gaming furniture that is ergonomic, cool in design, and shiny.
Now comes the big news!
IKEA, a Swedish company that sells fashionable and cost-effective furniture, has announced the development of gaming furniture!
IKEA has teamed up with ASUS' gaming brand "ROG" to develop the furniture!

Affordable price with gamers' opinions

IKEA has been overlooking the needs of gamers, despite the fact that about 1/4 of the world's population, or 2.5 billion people, are gamers.
IKEA has teamed up with ROG, a leading manufacturer of high-performance gaming devices, to develop gaming furniture to help gamers around the world play games more comfortably.

A scene from the workshop

IKEA's gaming furniture and accessories will include approximately 30 different products, which are currently being developed at the IKEA Product Development Center in Shanghai, China.
IKEA and ROG designers and engineers held several workshops in Shanghai with professional gamers and gaming fans to identify the necessary features, and it is likely that the items will have the features that gamers need.

Scenes from the workshop

Gaming furniture is relatively expensive, but IKEA's gaming furniture will be ergonomic and affordable.
While the price point and design will be interesting, it will also be interesting to see the features that will be included based on gamer feedback and whether or not they will glow!

Pre-release in China in February 2021!

IKEA gaming furniture will be first released in China in February 2021, and will be available at other IKEA stores from October 2021!
Gaming furniture is often designed in stately black tones, which may have prevented some people from purchasing it in relation to other interior design elements, but with IKEA, we can expect to see a pop of color.
Let's wait for further news on the price, product lineup, etc., which we are anxiously awaiting!
For more details, check out the IKEA NEWSROOM!


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