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Thank you for the 1st anniversary of "Rockman X DiVE"! Anniversary held!

「ロックマンX DiVE」1周年ありがとう!アニバーサリー開催!

Mega ManX DiVE " will celebrate the first anniversary of its official service launch on October 26, 2021 (Tuesday).
To commemorate this event, we will be holding a " Thank you for 1 year anniversary! Anniversary Event & Campaign " will be held to commemorate the anniversary.
So! This article introduces three special events and campaigns.

RT and get a plastic model or a wireless charger!

"Mega ManX DiVE"特設サイト

During the campaign period, one lucky person will win a "Kotobukiya Mega ManX" plastic model and 20 people will win a "Mega ManX DiVE original design wireless charger" by drawing from those who participate in the following ways! Mega ManX DiVE Original Design Wireless Charger" to 20 people!
In addition, depending on the number of RTs, all players will receive up to 1,000 free elemetal and 100 luxury gift boxes DX!

Campaign Period

October 11, 2021 (Monday) 14:00 - October 27, 2021 (Wednesday) 13:00

How to participate

  • Follow "Mega ManX DiVE" official Twitter (@RX_DiVE)
  • 2. RT tweets with the hashtag " #Mega ManXDiVE 1st Anniversary " during the campaign period

Drawing date

The drawing will be held in early November 2021.
Winners will be notified via Twitter direct mail.

Start with your hero!

"Mega ManX DiVE"一周年ありがとう!アニバーサリー
"Mega ManX DiVE"公式Twitter

Log in during the period and receive 1 "Hero Coin"!
In exchange for the "Hero Coin", you can exchange it for a hero character of your choice (120 fragments) at the exchange.


October 13 (Wed.) 17:00 (tentative) - October 27 (Wed.) 23:59

Hero Character Lineup

  • Mega Man (Thunder Beam)
  • X (Rising Fire)
  • Rock Vornat
  • Mega Man.EXE
  • Zero(Z)
  • Yale
  • Shooting Star Mega Man.
  • Zero (Z)

Memorial Ticket X" daily giveaway! The 1st one!

"Mega ManX DiVE"一周年ありがとう!アニバーサリー
"Mega ManX DiVE"特設サイト

One "Memorial Ticket [X]" will be given away every day during the event period!
With one "Memorial Ticket [X]" you can try the "Memorial Capsule" once.
However, please note that you cannot receive multiple tickets for multiple days at once.

Campaign Period

October 14, 2021 (Thu) 00:00 - October 20, 2021 (Wed) 13:00

I want this character!

You can also exchange 40 fragments of the following character by consuming 4 "Memorial Ticket [X]."

  • X Fragments of Full Armor [40 pieces].
  • X Second Armor Fragment [40 pieces].
  • Fragment of Black Zero [40 pieces].
  • Fragment of Cinnamon [40 pieces].
  • Fragments of Ferrum [40 pieces].
  • X(CM) Ultimate Armor fragments [40 pieces].
  • Fragment of Sigma [40 pieces].
  • Fragment of Magmard Dragoon [40 pieces].
  • Fragment of Absolute Zero [40 pieces].
  • X Falcon Armor fragment [40 pieces].
  • Kernel fragments [40 pieces].
  • Fragment of VAVA MK-II [40 pieces].

And an event where you can turn in up to 100 free capsules!

"Mega ManX DiVE"一周年ありがとう!アニバーサリー
"Mega ManX DiVE"公式Twitter

The "1.6.9 Mega Man Capsule" event will be held after the maintenance on Wednesday, October 13!
The first 10-round capsule will confirm an S-class weapon, and the sixth and ninth 10-round capsules will confirm an S-class character, making this a gacha event that is too good to pass up!

There will be a lot of events that you can't miss!
Please join us and make the "One Year Anniversary" a great success! Anniversary"!
For more information, check out the "Mega ManX DiVE" special site!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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