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Riot Games becomes a minority shareholder of "Aim Lab" developer STATESPACE! In the future, we will also jointly develop MOBA practice tools!?

ライアットゲームズが「Aim Lab」のデベロッパーSTATESPACEの少数株主に!今後は共同でMOBA練習ツールも開発!?

RYAT Games, developer of cutting-edge competitive e-sports titles such as "League of Legends" and "Valorant", has announced the acquisition of a minority stake in Statespace, developer of the training and coaching platform "Aim Lab". RYAT Games, developer of cutting-edge e-sports titles such as "VALORANT", announced today that it has acquired a minority stake in Statespace, developer of the Aim Lab training and coaching platform.
Aim Lab" will become the official training and coaching platform of "VALORANT".

Training and coaching platform "Aim Lab

Aim Lab is a training and coaching platform led by neuroscientist Wayne Mackey.
As the name suggests, the platform was created to help players improve their Aim in FPS/TPS games, and has been used by over 25 million players worldwide.

Users can customize a variety of settings, from targets and terrain to weapon specifications, allowing for effective practice for any title or situation.
Professional players are also using the service due to the convenience of sharing practice tasks among users using the Steam Workshop and the fact that it is distributed free of charge.

High-quality practice in an environment that is as close as possible to the actual game environment

There are several practice platforms like "Aim Lab" on Steam, but all of them only "reproduce " the controls of popular FPS/TPS titles.
However, now that RIAT Games has solidified its cooperation with Aim Lab, it will be possible to incorporate VALORANT's physics, maps, and weapons into the platform.
This will allow us to practice all kinds of exercises as close as possible to the actual game environment!

Jake Perlman-Garr, Global Head of Corporate Planning, Raiatto Games

We look forward to working with Statespace to develop innovative training and coaching tools for VALORANT and MOBA players around the world with the goal of improving skills in all level bands.


Wayne Mackey, CEO, Statespace

Raiatto could not be a better partner, collaborator, and facilitator, and I am pleased that VALORANT, and soon League of Legends, will continue to improve the player experience through training, coaching, and scouting.


Practice tools for MOBAs will be developed in the future!

In this announcement, the company also made an interesting statement: "We will continue to work with Aim Lab to develop innovative training, coaching, and scouting tools for MOBA players in the future.
At the time of writing, while FPS/TPS practice platforms are plentiful, MOBA practice platforms are few and far between.
If skill shots and skill dodges, which can only be honed in a competitive game, can be practiced by a single player, we can expect the MOBA genre as a whole to improve and raise its bar!
"Aim Lab" is available for free on Steam!


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