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Riot Games' student support program "LeagueU" deadline for 2021 student intern applications! A chance to grow by planning and managing student competitions and events on a nationwide scale!

Riot Gamesの学生支援プログラム「LeagueU」の2021年度学生インターン応募締め切り迫る!全国規模の学生大会やイベントの企画・運営で成長できるチャンス!

Riot Games, Inc. is a leader in the e-sports industry with "League of Legends " (LoL), "VALORANT" and "Legends of Runeterra" at the top of its list.
Riot Games, Inc.'s Japanese subsidiary, GK RIAT Games, is currently recruiting student publishing interns for "LeagueU ".
This is an opportunity to develop a career that will definitely help you in the future by organizing large scale regional events to activate the LeagueU student community, as well as planning and organizing national student tournaments!

About the "LeagueU" Publishing Internship

What is a "LeagueU" publishing internship?
Riot Games

LeagueU " was launched in 2016 with the goal of helping LoL university clubs across Japan grow.
With the support of numerous sponsors, the program has now grown to include PC and device rentals for hundreds of events and nationwide LoL tournaments with thousands of players.

RYAT Games' "LeagueU" internship program allows students to develop both professional and personal growth through the organization of large-scale regional events and the planning and management of national student tournaments.
By spending time with Reiter (a Reiter Games employee), you will gain insight into a variety of professional fields and strengthen long-term relationships with your student community.
You will also work with a global team that works to create meaningful experiences with players from all over Japan.

We are now accepting applications for the 2021 "LeagueU" publishing interns!

Interns wanted for 2021!
Riot Games

Due to the unprecedented situation with the new coronavirus, the 2020 internship program was entirely online, but we had a great turnout with competitions and events, including the newly released " VALORANT ".

We are now looking for two interns to help us continue to promote Raiatto Games' titles in 2021!
The main tasks are

  • Plan and lead marketing programs for Japanese student players under the RYAT Games brand
  • Work with the student community to develop the RYAT Games "LeagueU" student e-sports brand into a leading e-sports, gaming, and community brand
  • Work with LeagueU circle leaders to create a communication framework and activate the RYAT Games student community.
  • Create and lead social campaigns for the LeagueU community using RYAT Games game titles.
  • Organize large scale regional events to activate the LeagueU community throughout Japan
  • Organize national student tournaments, both online and offline

...and much more!
The interns will play a very large role under the Raiatto Games brand in helping to boost the student e-sports scene in Japan.
To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, you will basically be working online, but you will also receive a stipend commensurate with your work and effort, as well as travel expenses for meetings and events!
The appeal of being a LeagueU publishing intern is that you will be able to experience a very important job with a great deal of responsibility, even for an intern.
If you have a positive attitude and want to make the Japanese e-sports scene more exciting, then this is the job for you! If you have a positive attitude, we encourage you to apply.

Selection and Schedule

We are waiting for your application!
Riot Games

Of the two positions we are recruiting for this time, one will be from Tokyo (Kanto) and the other from Osaka (Kansai).
The detailed schedule is as follows
For more information about the "LeagueU" publishing internship and to apply, please visit the special internship page.

Selection Process and Schedule
Application Deadline Sunday, April 4, 2021, 11:59 p.m.
Interview notification Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Interviews Online interview (about 1 hour) between April 9 and 11, 2021 in both Tokyo and Osaka
Notification of Acceptance Sunday, April 14, 2021
Remarks The internship period is scheduled from April 2021 to March 31, 2022.
Any nationality is acceptable as long as the applicant is able to work in Japan.
You must be at least 18 years old and enrolled in a full-time college, junior college, vocational school, or technical college in Japan.
The program is designed to allow students to maintain a good balance between work and study, although students are expected to work three days a week, six hours a day.

Interview with the 2020 LeagueU publishing interns

The interview will be posted at a later date!
funglr Games

Funglr Games recently interviewed two of the 2020 LeagueU publishing interns!
They talked about the behind-the-scenes of the Spring Challenge Cup held in March 2021 and the appeal of being a LeagueU publishing intern.
If you're interested, follow funglr Games on Twitter for the latest articles!


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