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Twitter campaign that one case of "monster mango loco" approaching release is carried out!

発売迫る「モンスター マンゴーロコ」が1ケース当たるTwitterキャンペーン実施!

The end of the fiscal year has brought a new start to the new year, and many people, not to mention those who are starting a new life, are probably busier than usual.
Energy drinks give us energy when we are a little tired or when we need to work harder.
In the energy drink warring age, where many different products are on the market, "Monster Energy," the king of the energy drink world, is loved around the world.
Monster Energy" offers a variety of flavors, from standard products to limited edition flavors, giving you the pleasure of choosing a flavor every day.
But! The release date was announced as Tuesday, April 12, 2022, more than a month ahead of schedule!
The editorial department of funglr Games was provided with a copy of the product for review, and some of you may have gotten one through the "Mango Loco Gift Box Pre-Release Present Campaign" that was running until March 28, 2022 (Monday). There are still a few days left until the product goes on sale to the general public.
For those who want to try it soon, a new present campaign has started!
This time, a box of 24 bottles will be given away!

全米人気No1!最狂の果汁系モンスター「モンスター マンゴー ロコ」をレビュー!

One box of 24 bottles will be given away to 100 people!

モンスター マンゴーロコ
Monster Mango Loco
"Retweet to Win!『モンスター マンゴーロコ』発売記念キャンペーン!"特設ページ

Monster Energy Japan's official Twitter started a " Retweet to Win! "!
As the name suggests, you can participate in the campaign by retweeting on Twitter, but the product is gorgeous.
As the name implies, the campaign is all about Twitter retweeting, and the product is gorgeous. 24 boxes of "Monster Mango Loco" will be given away to 100 lucky winners! Even if you drink it every day, it will give you energy for about a month!
All you have to do is follow Monster Energy Japan official Twitter(@MonsterEnergyJP) and retweet the following campaign tweet!
The campaign ends on Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 23:59 Japan time, so be sure to follow and retweet now!
For more details, terms and conditions, please check the special campaign page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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