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There must be many people who want to play "retro games" even in rural areas! Online sales of used games "Letggeya" opens!


There must be many people who want to play "retro games" even in rural areas...!
However, there are very few stores that sell "retro games" in rural areas.
That's why the owner, who loves games, started " Retogeeya," a private online store selling used game software!

Three features of "Retogeeya"!

Retogee Store

All the games we sell have been tested on the actual consoles!

Only games that have been tested at least twice by the owner are sold!
PS software has been tested on PS3.

We even know the condition of the product, box contents, and accessories!

Even in actual stores, it is difficult to see what is in the box and what accessories are included with the game software.
Even in online sales, it is difficult to check the condition of each item at stores that have a large number of items in stock.

Same-day and next-day shipping in principle!

Retogeeya currently ships items via "Quick Post" (220 yen per package, nationwide).
Orders placed (payment confirmed) by 9:00 a.m. are shipped the same day. Orders placed after that time are generally shipped the next day.

The owner's products you can feel the love!

ファイアーエンブレム 暗黒竜と光の剣レトゲ屋

As mentioned above, the retogether store includes photos of the software and accessories.
You can rest assured that you're buying only after you're satisfied with the condition!
In addition, each item also includes a product introduction by the store owner. It might be quite interesting to read that as part of your search for retro games!

Fire Emblem" store owner's introduction

The "Fire Emblem" series is one of the most famous simulation RPGs.
This is a used Famicom (NES) soft of the memorable first title "Fire Emblem: The Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light".
The series has added new elements to make it easier to play over the years, and it is still a popular series, but I personally think that the first game was a good foundation for the series.


Retogeeya mainly sells used NES software, but we also sell DS, PS2, Dreamcast, strategy books, and many other items! Why not take a look at Retogeeya at least once and immerse yourself in nostalgia?


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