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Large update delivery decision to "Resident Evil Resistance"! New maps and additional skins are here!

「バイオハザード レジスタンス」に大型アップデート配信決定!新マップや追加スキンが登場!

Resident Evil RE:3 " was released in April 2020 and has been a worldwide hit.
The game is currently on sale during PlayStation's special " Days of Play " sale, which runs until June 16th, and can be purchased for 5,850 yen (25% off ), which means that some of you may have just recently started playing the game.
Even if you have completed RE:3, " Resident Evil Resistance ", an asymmetrical survival horror game, is also included in the game, so you can enjoy this title for a long time.
Resident Evil Resistance" has been updated with Jill Valentine on the Survivor side, Nikolai Zinoviev on the Mastermind side, and many other updates, but now a major update has been announced! We are pleased to announce that a major update is coming!

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New maps, additional skins, and other major updates

The Resident Evil Resistance title update, Title Update 3, will add a number of new elements to the game.
Here's a rundown of what's been announced!

New MAP "Prison

New MAP "Prison

A prison secretly used by Umbrella as a B.O.W. testing site.
After the outbreak of the infection, people disappeared, but those who could not escape are still wandering around inside.


The long-awaited new map " Prison " will be added!
In the third stage, some shapes will be randomly changed and new gimmicks will appear, such as a " barrier " to protect the bio-core.
It will be necessary to play a different game than before!

Survivor Additions

The first addition to the Survivor side is a comical new skin.

New Skins

The new skins have a comical animal motif.
It looks cute, but on the contrary, it looks more creepy...

Next are the color variations of the skins that have already been distributed.

既配信スキン カラーバリエーション
Color variations of previously delivered skins

The skins that are usually set up have a very different impression just by changing the color variation.

Resident Evil レジスタンス
Resident Evil Resistance

In addition to the skins, more than a dozen weapon skins andgestures will be added, as well as 17 types of common equipment!
It seems that new strategies will be created with the addition of new equipment.

Mastermind Additional Elements

The first additional element on the mastermind side will be skins for zombies.

Skins for Zombies

Even zombies like to dress up! Pop, but slightly creepy skins will put survivors in a new mood!

Resident Evil レジスタンス
Resident Evil Resistance

In addition to the zombie skins, zombie gest ures and 22 types of common equipment will be added.
Be the man who never misses a survivor with new equipment!

The update is coming June 12!

A major update to Resident Evil Resistance, Title Update 3, will be released on Friday, June 12, 2020!
In addition to the aforementioned additional elements, there will be various other adjustments, so update as soon as it is released and give it a try!
In addition, 20 "RP Boosters" will be given away at the time of the update, which will be useful for training and customization, so this is the perfect time to get started, whether you are just starting out or thinking about starting out!
Don't miss your chance to save 25% off the PS4 version of the game until June 16th!
For more information, please visit the official Resident Evil Resistance website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

New Mastermind "Nikolay Ginobyev" added to "Resident Evil Resistance"!
New Mastermind "Nikolay Ginobyev" added to "Resident Evil Resistance"!...

The new master mind which was announced to "biohazard RE:3" big-grossing at the whole world "Nicolai and JINOBIEFU" was sold on April 3, 202