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New Mastermind "Nikolay Ginobyev" added to "Resident Evil Resistance"!

「バイオハザード レジスタンス」に新マスターマインド「ニコライ・ジノビエフ」が追加!

Released on April 3, 2020, " Resident Evil RE:3 " is a worldwide hit.
It is also worth remembering that a costume pack based on the original version of Jill and Carlos was released on May 7.
For those who have completed RE:3, " Resident Evil Resistance," an asymmetrical survival horror game, is now available as a full-length game.
In April, Jill was added to the survivor side of the game, and now, as announced, a new mastermind, Nikolai Zinoviev, has been added!


Performance reflects "Resident Evil RE:3".

The new mastermind "Nikolai Zinoviev " is the commander of U.B.C.S. Delta Platoon B in "Resident Evil RE:3".
For those of you who have already played RE:3, no explanation is needed!

Nikolai Zinoviev

Nikolai Zinoviev has agreed to cooperate with this experiment in exchange for a large reward.
His sense of smell and versatile marksmanship, developed as a mercenary soldier, make him a formidable weapon for tormenting survivors.
Even if they escape the attack, the next target is the pursuer "Nemesis". Survivors have nowhere to run.

"Resident Evil レジスタンス"公式サイト

Nikolai Zinoviev is skilled in firearms handling and spotting. He can use "Nemesis" as an exclusive B.O.W., and his performance reflects the image of "Resident Evil RE:3".


Nikolai Zinoviev Performance
B.O.W.: Nemesis
Ruthless (Skill-A) When a survivor is targeted or knocked down, the basic cooldown time of Nemesis is reduced. (Can be duplicated)
Tracker (Skill-B) Automatically targets all survivors while slaving Nemesis and reduces the base cooldown time of Accelerate.
Predator (Passive Skill 1)
Tracking Shot (Skill-A) Allows the user to target survivors who have been attacked by firearms.
Bloodstain (Skill-B) Automatically targets survivors with less than 70% health.
Firearms Specialist (Passive Skill 2)
Firearms Enhancement (Skill-A) Reduces the cost of firearms cards by 1.
Magazine Expansion (Skill-B) Increases the number of ammunition and usable time of firearms.

Delivery will be on May 15, 2020!

The new mastermind "Nikolai Zinoviev" will be available today, Friday, May 15, 2020!
We have also released a new update with balance adjustments, so why don't you update to the latest version and try using Nikolai?
Now is the time to play "Resident Evil Resistance" while you are still at home for a long time! Let's play!
For more information, please visit the official Resident Evil Resistance website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Jill and Carlos costume packs appear in "Resident Evil RE:3"!
Jill and Carlos costume packs appear in "Resident Evil RE:3"!...

"Biohazard RE:3" 1 month passed from sale on April 3, 2020, and I made break through 2,000,000 of whole world shipment. Jill had entered the war on SA