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Professional esports team "REJECT" acquires "Stray Union" Rainbow Six Siege division!

プロeスポーツチーム「REJECT」が「野良連合」のRainbow Six Siege部門を買収!

CYLOOK, Inc. has acquired NRG, the Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) division of the professional gaming team Nora Rengo, and rebranded it as REJECT, a professional e-sports team operated by CYCLOOK, Inc. The company announced that it has absorbed and rebranded NRG into REJECT, a professional e-sports team operated by CYCLOOK Co.

Efforts to boost the e-sports industry

REJECT owns professional divisions in six popular shooting game titles, including PUBG, Apex Legends, andVALORANT.
In particular, REJECT boasts Japan's top performance in mobile shooting games, and has represented Japan in the PUBG MOBILE division for five consecutive tournaments.
REJECT is one of Japan's leading professional e-sports teams in both name and reality.
REJECT has never owned an R6S division, but with the recent acquisition of NRG, the company is poised to make e-sports a bigger part of the R6S competition scene.
With the addition of NRG, a company that has proven itself in many domestic and international competitions, expectations are high for the future of REJECT's R6S division.

The following is a comment from Mr. Shoya Kouyama, President of CYLOOK Corporation, which operates REJECT.

We are very pleased to welcome a team from Nora Rengo, a strong team that has participated in many world tournaments, to our team.
We respect the very high caliber of players at NRG and look forward to working with them.
We are looking forward to working together with you to make the e-sports scene even more exciting and exciting.
We look forward to working together with you to further enhance the e-sports scene.


Rainbow Six Siege Division NRG Overview
Players iZRO (@iZROR6 )
VaNiSh (@VaNiSh_r6 )
Window (@axze_window )
solty (@soltsolt7 )
Shift (@Shift_r6 )
FY2020 Achievements R6 Festival Rainbow Six Festival Offline Second Place
Rainbow Six PC Japan Nationals Season 1 Winner
Runner-up, Rainbow Six PC Japan Nationals Grand Finals


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