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For "VCT GAME CHANGERS JAPAN", "Reignite" Establishes New Division! The members are 5 people who have been active as a female team "Lily Merry"!

「VCT GAME CHANGERS JAPAN」に向け、「Reignite」が女性チーム「REIGNITE Lily」を新設!

The "VALORANT Champions Tour" (VCT) is a tournament to determine the world champion of the tactical FPS "VALORANT".
As a new addition to the VCT, the " VCT Game Changers " tournament will be held to determine the female champion.
The global e-sports team "Reignite" has gathered 5 members and announced the creation of the Female VALORANT Division!

女性王者を決める大会「VALORANT GAME CHANGER」のエントリーが開始!女性キャスターも募集中!

The female valorant division "REIGNITE Lily" has been established!


REIGNITE L ily", the newly established female VALORANT division of Reignite!
The members of the team are the same people who have achieved many successes as the female VAROLANT team " Lily Merry "!

The coach is nagi-san(@naginize), who is also an analyst for the male division of VALORANT, and is practicing hard for "VCT Game Changers Japan" to be held on July 30, 2022 (Sunday).
Let's keep an eye on the future activities of REIGNITE Lily!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

34660「VCT GAME CHANGERS JAPAN」に向け、「Reignite」が女性チーム「REIGNITE Lily」を新設!
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