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A story immersive shooting attraction collaborated with "PUBG MOBILE" appeared at "RED° TOKYO TOWER", Japan's largest esports park!

日本最大規模のesportsパーク「RED゜TOKYO TOWER」に「PUBG MOBILE」とコラボしたストーリー没入型シューティングアトラクションが登場!

The first "PUBG MOBILE" real experience shooting attraction in Japan, " RED゜TOKYO T OWER," the largest esports park in Japan, which opened on April 20, 2022 (Wednesday), will be called "RED゜SHOOTING×PUBG MOBILE" and will be open at the end of June. It has been announced that " REDSHOOTING x PUBG MO BILE" will open at the end of June!
Prior to the opening at the end of June, the first information release was an image perspective and concept of the attraction.

An attraction that immerses you in the story of "PUBG MOBILE"!

Image perspective

In conventional survival games and laser tag, the objective is to shoot and score points or defeat enemies.
The new collaborative attraction "RED゜SHOOTING×PUBG MOBILE" will focus on The Story and other characters from PUBG !
The stage is decorated with distinctive items and background images that follow the world view of PUBG, and you can join the staff to navigate through the stage!
Even if you are not good at shooting or are a beginner, you can easily participate in the game as you progress with the staff, and individual scores will be displayed, making this an "immersive story" shooting attraction that will satisfy even the core fans! The individual scores are also displayed.
Come and enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of this attraction and survive to "DON-KATSU"!
Also, those who complete the shooting attraction during the collaboration period will receive limited real goods!
There will also be an in-game event to celebrate the "RED゜SHOOTING×PUBG MOBILE" collaboration, where players can win in-game rewards!
For more information on the "RED゜SHOOTING×PUBG MOBILE " limited-edition goods and this attraction, please follow the official RED゜TOKYO TOWER Twitter (@RED_TOKYOTOWER) and stay tuned for more information!


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