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The largest esports park in Japan, "RED° TOKYO TOWER", will open its grand opening on April 20! Superhuman sports AR game "HADO" is also introduced!

国内最大規模のeスポーツパーク「RED° TOKYO TOWER」が4月20日グランドオープン!超人スポーツARゲーム「HADO」も導入!

Tokyo eSports Gate, Inc. announced the grand opening of " RED° TOKYO TOWER," the largest eSports park in Japan, in Tokyo Tower Foot Town on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.
In conjunction with this, meleap Inc. has announced that " HADO ", a techno-sport that is deployed in 39 countries around the world, will be introduced in "RED° TOKYO TOWER".

HADO, a certified superhero sport, will be introduced!

Superhuman Sports " is reinventing sports with modern technology under the vision of " creating a future where everyone can enjoy participating in sports regardless of age, disability, strengths or weaknesses, and where everyone can enjoy each other's differences.
HADO " and " HADO SHOOT!" will be introduced in the " ATTRACION ZONE " on the 4th floor, which mainly features RED° interactive contents.

What is "HADO"?

HADO" is an AR sport in which players wear a head-mounted display on their heads and arm sensors on their arms. In a maximum of three-on-three matches, players work together with their friends to activate energy balls and shields with their hands and move freely on the field.
By customizing their own abilities with parameters such as the speed and size of the energy ball, the speed of the charge, and the strength of the shield, a variety of people can enjoy the game regardless of their athletic ability, physique, age, or gender.

What is "HADO SHOOT!"?

HADO SHOOT!" is a shooting attraction that uses AR technology to defeat monsters displayed in real space. The player shoots a " HADO SHOT!" with his/her arms outstretched and defeats cute monsters that appear one after another to earn a score! Break treasure chests to get items to use!
The player with the highest score among the participants within the time limit will be the winner.

RED° has a variety of other entertainment!

In addition to HADO, RED° TOKYO TOWER also features a full-fledged e-motorsports simulator area, a collaboration puzzle-solving area with the popular school romantic comedy fantasy " Obey Me!VR batting against a Rakuten Eagles pitcher , and a dynamic obstacle drone race using a micro-drone weighing only 34 grams . There's even a space to enjoy Texas Hold'em as a mind sport and a board game space!
For more details and other activities, please check the official RED° TOKYO TOWER website!


Grand Opening on April 20! Ticket sales have begun!


RED° TOKYO TOWER" will have its grand opening on Wednesday, April 20, 2022!
Tickets are now on sale at the ticket purchase site! Also, the ticket purchase site is currently running a half-price campaign for 3-hour tickets on some dates!
If you are interested, why not make your reservation as soon as possible?

List of Ticket Prices


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