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The first illuminated prepaid card - RazerCard

The first illuminated prepaid card - RazerCard

Many esports products illuminate, such as mouse, keyboard and chair.
Razer announced the first prepaid card RazerCard.

Collab with Visa

Razer Press

Razer Fin-tech corporates with Visa, allowing RazerCard could be used in over 61M shops and online stores.

Logo on the RazerCards of 3 premium tiers illuminate during transactions.
The cards are black, they illuminates Razer green light.
β test of 1,337 β tester lasts until December 31, 2020, announcement is expected after the β teste.

Find more details on Razer Press.

35091The first illuminated prepaid card - RazerCard
ゲーミングチューインガム「RESPAWN BY 5」をRazerが「RESPAWN」ブランドから発売!

以前funglr Gamesでは老舗ゲーミングデバイスメーカーのRazerがゲーマー向けエナジードリンク「RESPAWN」を発売したことをお届けしましたが、なんと「RESPAWN」ブランドが新商品を発売しました!今度はドリンクではなくチューインガムです!

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