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Information ban on R6S new season Y7S3 has been released! The new operator "Grim" can search a wide area with bees!


Developed by Ubisoft, the popular FPS title " Rainbow Six Sie ge" is still being played by many passionate players in 2022, seven years after its release.
At the Six Berlin Major 2022 Grand Final, which Rogue won, the new Y7S3 season was unveiled!

大盛り上がりのオフライン会場!R6Sの日本国内リーグ「RJL2022」Season2の優勝は「KAWASAKI SCARZ」に決定!

New Operator "GRIM

The following information is subject to change at the time of release

The new operator's name is GRIM (Charlie Thor "Grim" Ken Boon).
As previously announced, this operator is from Singapore.
An offensive operator who can instantly scout a certain area with a launcher that releases small bots, Grim has a speed of 3 and a strength of 1.
His main weapon is a 552 COMMANDO or SG-CQB, his subweapon is a P229, and his gadget is a breaching charge or claymore.

Small Bots

Growing up in Jurong, Singapore, Grim spent much of his time in the wilderness honing the skills he learned from his survivalist father.
At the age of 18, he was drafted into the Singapore Navy's elite Special Forces NDU, but his exceptional perseverance and focus allowed him to excel and move up to the clearance diving group.
After learning countermeasure tactics as an explosive ordnance disposal unit in the Navy, he joined the SAF Military Reconnaissance School of Military Intelligence, where he was trained in stealth behavior and intelligence gathering.
His reconnaissance and defense skills later caught Kali's attention as a potential agent for Nighthaven.
Although he himself is awkward and unsociable, he does not stand out as a member of a combat unit.

Unique Ability "Kawan Hive Launcher"

Kawan Hive Launcher

The "Kawan Hive Launcher" fires the Kawan Hive, which glues itself to walls and ceilings, and drops a canister after gluing.

Small Bot Release

After a certain period of time, a small bot (BEE BOT) is released from the canister. Enemies who pass through the small bot's range are continuously pinged to reveal their location, and enemies who go out of range are pinged three times to determine their behavior.
The range is approximately 3 meters in radius.
Enemies within range will have the small bots clinging to their field of vision and interfering with them with a distinctive buzzing sound.
If you concentrate on the game, the visual and auditory disturbance effect is not so strong, but if you are not good at bugs, maybe....

The dedicated ping will reveal your location.

It can be used 5 times, so there will be many times to use it, such as scouting in the early stages of the game or matching rushes with allies.
The MUTE signal disruptor functions as a clear counter, preventing small bots from being released, and can also be disabled if an operator being chased by a small bot runs into the signal disruptor's range.

Other changes

The "Stadium" is back!

The limited-time "Stadium" map that appeared during "Road to S.I." is now a permanent map!
Featuring elements of other maps and indestructible bulletproof glass, the "Stadium" has been adjusted in terms of map brightness and objects.

New "Impact EMP Grenade"!

A new Impact EMP grenade has been added.
It is similar to Thatcher's EMP grenade, but it explodes the moment it hits the ground and has a different range and duration of effect.
The Impact EMP Grenade can only be carried by...

  • Blackbeard
  • Montagne
  • Dokkaebi
  • Nokk
  • Gridlock
  • Sledge
  • Lion
  • Osa

8 operators.

New Recoil System!

The ping will give away the location.

The recoil of the console version and the PC version will be adjusted differently.
For the PC version, the recoil of full-automatic fire has been constant until now, but now three levels of recoil enhancement will be applied depending on the continuous firing time.
The recoil will be continuously increased not only in the vertical direction but also in the horizontal direction.
In addition, these adjustments will have a stronger impact on light machine guns than on assault rifles and submachine guns, and will be one of the previously mentioned light machine gun weakening measures.

Changes to map ban phases

The map used to be determined by banning one map from each team out of three maps, but will now be changed to be determined randomly from the remaining maps after banning one map from each team out of five maps.
The banning of maps is intended to achieve map diversity while involving player intent.
The tactical map has also been updated to allow attackers to see a list of defender targets from the preparation phase, and the tactical map will also reflect targets as they are found.

Player Protection System "Chat Restrictions"


During Y7S3, a new chat restriction system will be introduced as part of the player protection system.
Players with this penalty will still be able to send and receive text chats, but they will be muted by default and will need to intentionally unmute the penalized player in order to see their text chats.

Y7S3 will also include many other updates, such as attachment adjustments, the release of Castle's elite skin, the Battle Pass gift feature, and discounts on store items for Battle Pass holders.
Check out the official R6S website and Twitter account (@Rainbow6JP ) for the latest information!


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