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Limited to 48 hours! "Monhan" collaboration 6th event held in "Pazdra"! "Otomo Gark" participation!


GungHo 's puzzle RPG "Puzzle & Dragons " (a.k.a. " Pazudora") will hold its sixth collaboration with the "Monster Hunter" series to celebrate the release of "Monster Hunter Rise ", which will be released for hunting soon . The collaboration will be held for 48 hours from March 25, 2021 (Thursday)!

The sixth "MonHun x Pazudora" collaboration!

MonHun x Pazudora" Collaboration Vol. 6

Otomogaruku" will appear in the "Monster Exchange"!

Otomogaruku ", which first appeared in MonHun Rise, will appear in the Monster Exchange from the 6th collaboration!
The first time you get Otomogaruku, a new Kisekae drop "Monster Hunter Drop 2" will be released!

Otomogaruku" and "Monster Hunter Drop 2

Otomogaruku" can be exchanged for "Event Medal [Black] x3".
You can also exchange 7★ characters and materials required for the ultimate evolution of "Hunter♂" and "Hunter♀".

ハンター 究極進化
Hunter Ultimate Evolution

Monster Hunter Collaboration Gacha

In addition to the characters that have appeared in previous collaborations, some characters have been added as assist evolutions!
In addition, the abilities of some characters have been adjusted.

assisted evolution

The following gachas are being held during this period.

10 magic stones! Monster Hunter Collaboration Gacha

You can draw one collaboration gacha with 10 magic stones.

Commemorating the event! Monster Hunter Collaboration Gacha

Log in during the period and you can draw the collaboration gacha once for free.

2 magic stones + MH collaboration gacha

This is a set of 2 magic stones and 1 collaboration gacha that can be purchased only once for 250 yen at the magic stone store.

30 magic stones + MH collaboration gacha with 7★ confirmed

This set includes 30 magic stones and a confirmed 7 MH collaboration gacha for 3,680 yen.

15 magic stones + fixed Sellegios gacha

This set includes 15 magic stones and one fixed gacha of ★6 "SERREGIOS" for 1,840 yen at the magic stone store.

When you get Sergios for the first time, the "Monster Hunter Drop" will be released.

"Sellegios" and "Monster Hunter Drop"

Special Dungeons "Monster Hunter Collaboration" and "Monster Hunter Collaboration 2

Special dungeons that drop material items will appear.

special dungeon

One-time special dungeon "Monster Hunter Challenge! will be available!

Clear this special dungeon and you will be rewarded with one "Monster Hunter Collaboration Gacha"!

Monster Hunter Challenge!

A special dungeon for cooperative play "3 players in a row" is now available!

In conjunction with the dungeon's release, a "MonHun Collaboration! MonHun Collaboration!
MonHun Collaboration! MonHun Collaboration!", you will receive a "Treasure of Creation" as a reward each time you clear the dungeon.

gem of creation

"Skill Level Up Monster Hunter" will be held.

If you clear the game with a character with the same skill as the character who appears in the game, your skill level will surely increase!

Collaboration character appears in "Monster Purchase"!

パズドラ ハンター
Pazuzu Hunter

You can get "Hunter♂" and "Hunter♀" by purchasing monsters, logging in, and clearing special dungeons!
Collect the materials for the ultimate evolution!

For more details about the collaboration, please check the "MonHun x Pazudora" collaboration Vol. 6 special site!


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