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Devil's Blade × Pazdra collaboration event start! Gachas, dungeons, and gift campaigns are held!

鬼滅の刃 × パズドラのコラボイベントスタート!鬼滅尽くしのガチャやダンジョン、プレゼントキャンペーン開催!

Demon Slayer " has become so popular that it can be called a social phenomenon.
The movie version of "Demon Slayer" "Infinite Train" is currently in theaters and has been breaking all kinds of records in terms of attendance and box-office revenue.
In a popularity contest for the most popular character, the well-known Yoshitsu Wagatsuma, who is only useful at the most critical moments, was chosen first instead of Tanjiro Kamado, the main character of the movie, and this has become a hot topic.
Demon Slayer has collaborated with so many different things that you see the character and hear the theme song every day.
The Demon Slayer has collaborated with many games, and now a collaboration event between Demon Slayer and Gungho's popular puzzle game ,Puzzle & Dragon 's (Pazudora), has started!

Demon Slayer Collaboration Gacha has started!

Since this is a collaboration event, popular Demon Slayer characters will of course make appearances.
There will be a variety of appearances, but first of all, there are 16 characters that can be obtained from the collaboration gacha, which can be turned in with 7 magic stones! Rusty Rabbit and Makomoko will be two characters in one!

Demon Slayerコラボガチャ
Demon Slayer Collaboration Gacha
"Demon Slayerコラボ"特設ページ

It's a massive lineup, like a total of popular characters appearing up to the Infinite Train version. I like Mr. Steel Tetsuzuka!
During the event period, log in to Pazudora and you will be able to pull the "Demon Slayer Collaboration Gacha" once for free. Kamado" or "Kamado Priestess Kamado" by opening a special in-game email and pressing the "Spin" button on the screen! A bargain!
In addition, the " 1 Magic Stone + Demon Slayer Gacha ", " 20 Magic Stones + confirmed ★8 Demon Slayer Gacha ", and " 20 Magic Stones + confirmed Kurihana Ochikanawo Gacha " are available for purchase only once at the Magic Stone Shop.

Collaboration dungeon where battle against demons awaits!

A collaboration d ungeon is being held where demons from the Demon Slayer storyline stand in your way!
Defeating the enemies will drop collaboration characters and Demon Slayer collaboration medals, so keep on challenging them!

Demon Slayerコラボダンジョン
Demon Slayer Collaboration Dungeon
"Demon Slayerコラボ"特設ページ

A special dungeon " Demon Slayer [Fixed Team] " is also being held!
You can get " Demon Slayer Collaboration Medal [Rainbow] " and other items by clearing all the floors, and if you clear all the floors, you can get one "Demon Slayer Collaboration Gacha" to celebrate the event.

Demon Slayer【固定チーム】
Demon Slayer [Fixed Team
"Demon Slayerコラボ"特設ページ

The "Mask of Exorcism" and "Tanjiro Kamado, Son of the Burning Brilliance" are now available!

During the collaboration event, the " Mask of Yakuyaku " will appear in the Monster Exchange!

Mask of Exorcism
"Demon Slayerコラボ"特設ページ

And you can get " Tanjiro Kamado, the Son of Burning" just by logging in to Pazudora during the collaboration event!
You can get "Tanjiro Kamado" from your in-game mail, so log in now to get it!

赫灼の子・Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado, Son of the Brilliant Burn
"Demon Slayerコラボ"特設ページ

"Focus all your energy on Pazudora! Campaign!

"All Focus on Pazudora! " campaign
"Demon Slayerコラボ"特設ページ

The collaboration event alone is not enough, but the "Focus on Pazudora " campaign is now being held to give away gorgeous prizes. campaign is now being held!
You can win Demon Slayer goods and autographs of the voice actors in the campaign, so take your chances and join the campaign!

The collaboration will last until November 10!

The Demon Slayer collaboration event is full of contents, but it will only last for two weeks, from today, Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 10:00 to Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 9:59!
There's a lot to do, like getting all the characters, clearing the collaboration dungeon, and applying for the campaign, so log in now to participate in the collaboration event!
For more information on the event, the abilities of the collaboration characters, and how to participate in the campaign, please check the "Demon Slayer Collaboration" special page on the official Pazudora website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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