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Nintendo Switch version "Puyo Puyo eSports" announced a free major update on August 27!

Nintendo Switch版「ぷよぷよeスポーツ」が8月27日に無料の大型アップデート実施発表!

Sega Co., Ltd. will release a free update (ver. 2.02 ) of " Puyopuyo eSports " (Nintendo Switch version), the latest title in the nationally popular action puzzle "Puyopuyo" series, on August 27, 2020 (Thursday ), with some updated features. The update will be available tomorrow, Thursday, August 27, 2020.
The same update will be available for "Puyo Puyo eSports" for PlayStation 4 and "Puyo Puyo Champions/Puyo Puyo eSports" for Steam at a later date.

About the "Puyo Puyo eSports" update for Nintendo Switch

Puyopuyo eSports

Puyopuyo e Sports" includes the standard "Puyopuyo Dori" rules as well as the "PuyoPuyo Fever" rules, which allow players to easily enjoy large chains with the aim of making a one-hit reversal.
This update will also include a " Kanzen" mode that allows players to watch and cheer on other players' matches, the addition of hidden characters, and many other new features!

Watch and cheer on other players!

Kansen Screen
Ounen Screen

With this update, you will be able to watch other players' matches in the "Kigaru ni Taisen" mode in the "Internet" section.
In addition, before the game starts, you can send cheering stamps and cheer on the opposing player using the "Kansen Machiuke".
When a player is cheered, a " Fight! appears on the screen when a player is cheered on, making the game more heated than usual.
It will be interesting to watch and cheer for ordinary players who are not streamers, as we don't usually have the opportunity to do so.

Long-awaited by colorblind gamers, color-changing is now possible!

color adjustment screen

The " Color Adjustment" feature has been added to the "My Data" options.
By turning on the "Filter", you will be able to set 4 patterns of color adjustment ("3 color vision", "Type 1 dichromatic vision", "Type 2 dichromatic vision", "Type 3 dichromatic vision") and "color strength". It is possible to set the color intensity to suit each individual's color vision.
This will allow you to enjoy Puyopuyo more comfortably by being able to make settings according to the color vision of each individual.

Game speed can be slowed down

game speed change screen

A "Game Speed" change function has been added to the game settings.
The game speed can be set to "x1.0 (normal setting)," "x0.7," or "x0.5" during a game.
*Note that changing the setting does not affect the "start or end of the game," "speed of falling Ojama Puyos," or "when Quick Drop is used.

Gummy" Puyopuyo added to the Puyopuyo types

gummy addition screen

Gummy " will be added to the "Puyo Puyo Types" that can be used during a match.

Field" can be changed in the pre-match settings.

field change screen

When two players play "Puyo Puyo by yourself", the field to be used can be set.
You can choose between 1P (normal setting, field on the left side of the screen) and 2P (field on the right side of the screen).

Match details on the results screen.

Result Screen

Starting with this update, the match result screen now provides more game details!
The six new items are: " Number of Puyos Erased," " Number of Total Erasures," " Maximum Number of Chains," " Total Score," "Total Fight Time," and " Fever Count.
You can now analyze the game more strategically when practicing alone or in a competitive match.

Auto play makes it easy for beginners to play!

Auto Play Screen

You can now set " Auto-Play " in the "Handicap Settings" to either "Sweet" or "Hard", or in the "Internet" "Quickly Play" game settings.
When you set "Autoplay", the computer will automatically control the game up to 10 moves ahead.
The computer will automatically control the game up to 10 moves ahead, and the player must make 5 moves to use Auto Play again.
This feature is perfect for beginners and those just starting out playing Puyopuyo!
They will be able to familiarize themselves with the game by watching the computer's operations, learning the behavior and practicing on their own.

Hidden characters from past games have been reissued and added!

Hidden Character

Characters from "Puyo Puyo Chronicle" and "Puyo Puyo! Quest" can be used as hidden characters in "PuyoPuyo eSports" by using special commands!
The two new characters are " Raphisol " and " Papulis ".
Raphisol 's Fever Type is "Self-powered Big Chain", while Papulis' Fever Type is "Tegataku Fever".
Raphisol can be used by pressing the L + Y buttons on the Nintendo Switch in character select, and Papulis can be used by pressing the R + Y buttons on the Nintendo Switch in character select.

The update will be implemented on Thursday, August 27!

This free update was a lot of fun, including the addition of a mode that allows you to watch other players and the addition of color adjustments that scratch an itch.
Hidden characters from past titles are sure to make Puyopuyo fans happy, aren't they?
If you want to use one of the hidden characters, just remember to control the commands! The update will go live tomorrow, Thursday, August 27, 2020!
More details can be found on the SEGA Puyopuyo portal site.


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