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February 4 is Puyo no Hi! Official information program "Puyo no Hi 2023 Live Broadcast" will be broadcast on Saturday, January 28.


In commemoration of "Puyo no Hi (February 4 is Puyo Day)," the official information program " Puyo no Hi 2023 Live " will be broadcast on YouTube Live, Nico Nico Live, and the official Twitter (@puyoquest ) on January 28, 2023 (Saturday). Puyo Puyo Quest" official Twitter ( @puyoquest). The latest information on "PuyoPuyo" and interviews with active PuyoPuyo players will be broadcasted.

PuyoPuyo Day 2023 Live Broadcast" will be aired on Twitter (@puyoquest).

Hisayoshi Suganuma (@manugasu), voice actor for the "PuyoPuyo" series, will join guests Mie Sonozaki (@Sonozaki_mie ) and Akira Miki (@mikiakira221 ) to talk about "Puyo Puyo! Quest" and "PuyoPuyo eSports" with @Sonozaki_mie and Akira Miki (@mikiakira221). In the "eSports Corner," professional players delta (@delta_so) and Tomokun (@tomokun) will participate in SEGA's official professional tournament " PuyoPuyo Championship SEASON 5 STAGE 4 Final Tournament " on February 4, 2023 (Saturday). ( @tomokunblue), Piponeer (@piponeer), "PuyoPuyo" pro player live (@livedesu), and the finalists of the "PuyoPuyo eSports" Kids Division at the "Tokyo eSports Festa 2023". We interviewed Hiiragi (@SYUpuyo), Terusa Hyuto (@Terusa18534803), RIC (@RIC_2011_km), and root (@rootpuyo_soccer ), who are the finalists in the Kids Division at "Tokyo eSports Festa 2023", about their enthusiasm for the tournament! This is a gorgeous lineup befitting Puyo Day.

Call for Letters!

Letters about "PuyoPuyo" on Twitter! You can send messages, illustrations, photos, etc. in any format you like. Tweet with " #Puyo no Hi (Puyo Puyo Day) Live Broadcast "!


Hisayoshi Suganuma (@manugasu)


Mie Sonozaki(@Sonozaki_mie)


Akira Miki (@mikiakira221)


Delta (@delta_so )

delta選手 PR TIMES

Tomokun(@tomokunblue )

 ともくん選手PR TIMES

Piponeer(@piponeer )

ぴぽにあ選手 PR TIMES

live player (@livedesu )

live選手 PR TIMES

Mizuki Hosoyamada (@hosoyamada_mizu), General Producer of the "Puyo Puyo" series

 "ぷよぷよ"シリーズ総合プロデューサー 細山田水紀PR TIMES

Planner of "PuyoPuyo! Quest" Operation Planner Harrigan Skelton (@hosoyamada_mizu)

 "ぷよぷよ!!クエスト"運営プランナー ハリガネスケルトンPR TIMES

Puyo Puyo" was first released in 1991, and more than 30 years later, the series is still very popular. Let's enjoy the "Puyo Puyo Day 2023 Live Broadcast" on February 4! For more information, please visit the official website of "PuyoPuyo‼Quest".


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