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PUI PUI The latest puzzle game from Morker "Atsutare Morker! PUI PUI Puzzle" is here! Pre-registration campaign is also in progress!

PUI PUI モルカーから最新パズルゲーム「あつまれモルカー!PUI PUI パズル」が登場!事前登録キャンペーンも実施中!

GOODROID, Inc. has started pre-registration for the new smartphone game " Atsumare Morkar! PUI PUI Puzzle" (PUI PUI Puzzle), based on the popular TV anime "PUI PUI Morkar", on September 21, 2021. PUI PUI Puzzle" (hereafter "PUI PUI Puzzle").
PUI PUI Puzzle" (hereafter referred to as "PUI PUI Puzzle"), a new smartphone game from "HATSUME MOLKER!

What is PUI PUI Puzzle?

PUI PUI Puzzle
PUI PUI パズル事前登録ページ

One day, Potato, Silomo, Abby, Choco, and Teddy find a lot of vegetables and decide to gather a bunch of molkers and have a vegetable party!

PUI PUI Puzzle is a puzzle game in which players collect identical molkers by tracing them with their fingers! The simple and easy-to-understand controls make it suitable for both children and adults.
You can also customize your room and have your Morkers come visit you, feed them salads and nurture them, and have plenty of interaction with these cute little M orkers!

PUI PUI パズルのゲーム概要
Game Overview
PUI PUI パズル事前登録ページ

Scheduled for release in winter 2021! Pre-registration campaign!

Pre-registration Campaign
PUI PUI パズル事前登録ページ

PUI PUI Puzzles is scheduled for a winter 2021 release! Stay tuned for more news!

In addition, PUI PUI Puzzle is now accepting pre-registrations!
You can pre-register from the App Store or Google Play.

In addition, a campaign is underway in which you will receive gorgeous rewards that can be used in the game depending on the total number of pre-registered users on App Store and Google Play and followers on the official Twitter!
If the total number exceeds 21,000, you will receive rubies for 3 times of Gacha!

On the official Twitter, the latest information about PUI PUI Puzzle will be sent to you every day!
Take this opportunity to pre-register and follow the official Twitter!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

That hegemony anime is the first game! "PUI PUI Morker Mogumogu Parking" announced!
That hegemony anime is the first game! "PUI PUI Morker Mogumogu Parking" announc...

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