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TV Anime "PUI PUI Morker" Autumn 2022 New Series Broadcast! Free delivery of the first phase for a limited time

TVアニメ「PUI PUI モルカー」2022年秋新シリーズ放送決定!期間限定で第1期無料配信

The TV animation " PUI PUI MOLCAR " aired on TV Tokyo's "Kinda TV" from January 2021.
The new worldview of "PUI PUI MOLCAR," in which a guinea pig is transformed into a car, has been widely supported by adults and children alike, with the number of official Twitter followers surpassing 100,000 in just one week after the start of the broadcast and the series trending every week.
The New York Times reported it as one of the hottest video productions, and the Morka boom has swept the world!
The popular "PUI PUI MOLKER" will finally be aired on terrestrial television in the fall of 2022 as an all-new animated series!

Teaser visuals and PV for the second season unveiled!

"PUI PUI モルカー"新シリーズ@Press

In conjunction with the announcement of the new series, a new visual has been released! The silhouette of Morkar, along with Potato and Shiromo, who have been popular since the first season, is...?
A commemorative PV for the new series is now available on the YouTube channel " Official TV anime "PUI PUI Morkar""!
The production is going well, so let's wait for more news!

More details about the plot and broadcast information will be released at a later date. Don't miss it!

Comment from Asaki Misato, director of the TV anime "PUI PUI Morkar

Thank you for always supporting "PUI PUI MOLKAR".
I am very happy that this stop-motion animation, which I produced with the hope that it would become a hot topic among guinea pig lovers at the time, has been recognized and loved by so many people.
Starting with fan art, it has been turned into merchandise, collaborations, games, and even a theater release, all of which I had not anticipated at the time of its creation.
Thanks to your support, we have decided to launch a new series of "PUI PUI MOLKER"! What kind of encounters and trials await us in this new series of "PUI PUI Morkar"?
We hope you will continue to look forward to the next installment of "PUI PUI Morkar"!


The first season of "PUI PUI Morkar" is now streaming for free on YouTube!

All 12 episodes of the first season of "PUI PUI Morkar" are being distributed for free for a limited time starting Tuesday, May 31!
Review the episodes in preparation for the second season, which will start this fall.

Distribution Schedule Tuesday, May 31, 12:00 - Monday, June 6, 21:00
Distributed by YouTube channel " TV anime "PUI PUI MOLKAR" Official " (Japanese only)

Art book and 1st season Blu-ray & DVD are now on sale!



The book includes a long interview with Director Misato, unpublished setting materials, and more, and is a must-have for Molcar lovers.
How was "PUI PUI MOLCAR" created? The complete process is included in the book.
For more details, please visit the official website.

The first "PUI PUI Molker" Blu-ray & DVD

The first season of "PUI PUI MOLKAR" Blu-ray & DVD is now available with many luxurious extras!
You can watch it again anytime by keeping it close at hand.
For more information, please visit the special Blu-ray & DVD site.

PUI PUI Morkar" continues to gain momentum.
The second season is also coming soon! Exciting! There is no doubt about it.
For more information about "PUI PUI Morkar," please visit the official website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Nintendo Switch "PUI PUI Morker Let's! Molker Party! "Mole Cup" opens!
Nintendo Switch "PUI PUI Morker Let's! Molker Party! "Mole Cup" opens!...

A delivery of a new system "battle pass season "mole cup"" has been begun from April 25, 2022 in sold update contents of "PUI PUI Mole

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