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That hegemony anime is the first game! "PUI PUI Morker Mogumogu Parking" announced!

あの覇権アニメが初のゲーム化!「PUI PUIモルカー もぐもぐパーキング」発表!

Japan is an anime powerhouse.
An astonishing amount of very high quality anime works are being broadcasted, and July is the time when the summer anime broadcasts begin. Now, what should I watch this season?
Among the large number of animations, the stop-motion animation " PUI PUI MOLCAR " that was broadcast from January to March 2021 became a very popular topic.
It is a slapstick comedy about a guinea pig that is both a vehicle and a creature...it's kind of hard to explain, so please watch it!
PUI PUI MOLKAR" is a dominant anime, and the MOLKARs are so cute that they have been developed into various goods, and now, for the first time, it has been announced that it will be made into a video game!

Let's make Mole Land full of Moles!

The first "PUI PUI Morkers" game title is " PUI PUI Morkers Mog Mogu Parking "!
In this stage-clear type game, you control cute molcas to escape from the parking area, and as you clear more and more stages, you can develop your own molland (town) and make it full of molcas.
Developed by Good Luck Three, Inc., a company that produces many hyper-casual games that anyone can easily play, it will be a game that you can enjoy with your children or just take a break!

PUI PUIモルカー もぐもぐパーキング
PUI PUI Morkar Mogu Parking

"PUI PUI Morker Mog Mogu Parking" will be released in July 2021! The platform will be smartphones for iOS and Android.
It will be free to play, so it's hyper-casual and easy to download!
It will take a little more time to be released, so be sure to check the official "PUI PUI Morker" website, the official website of Gathering Holdings, Inc. and theofficial website of Good Luck Three, Inc. for further information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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