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SIE announces continued PS Store service for PS3 and PS Vita! However, please note that PSP will end!

SIEがPS3とPS VitaのPS Storeサービスの継続を発表!ただしPSPは終了するので注意!

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The place where it's fresh in memory that Sony interactive entertainment (in the following, SIE) announced a service end of new purchase of contents in PlayStation Store about PlayStation 3 (in the following, PS3), PlayStation Vita (in the following, PS Vita) and PlayStation Portable (in the following, PSP). And a developer as well as the user had a big impact on a developer of an indie game in particular because the game title and contents of media couldn't be bought any more newly in PS Store after the service more. The purpose on which an effort is made for the next generation machines such as PS4 and PS5 but, it's regrettable that you can't play any more much attractive title newly as expected and I think there are a lot of people who bought download, too, in order to buy it this chance. But I came here, and it was announced that SIE continued purchase service in PS Store about PS3 and PS Vita!

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53011SIEがPS3とPS VitaのPS Storeサービスの継続を発表!ただしPSPは終了するので注意!
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Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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