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The second bullet is also a masterpiece! The second "SPRING SALE" with up to 80% off at the PS Store!

第2弾も名作目白押し!PS Storeで最大80%オフの「SPRING SALE」第2弾開催!

Are you all playing games at home, avoiding unnecessary trips out of the house?
Many of you may have already finished the games you bought after staying at home for such a long time.
For those people, the second edition of the "SPRING S ALE" is now available on the PlayStation Store, where you can purchase classic titles at up to 80% off!

不要不急の外出を避けてPS三昧!PS Storeで最大80%オフの「SPRING SALE」開催!

Over 200 titles are on sale!

The second edition of the "SPRING SALE" includes over 200 titles, including full-length games and DLC.
I'd like to introduce a few more titles that I recommend, based on my own prejudice!

Bloodborne PlayStation Hits

Bloodborne PlayStation Hits
Bloodborne PlayStation Hits
PlayStation Store

Bloodborne is an action RPG from FromSoftware, known for the Dark Souls series, and is one of the early masterpieces of the PS4.
I bought it with my PS4, and I have good memories of struggling with its high difficulty and horror atmosphere....
Bloodborne PlayStation Hits " is 50% off from 2,189 yen to 1,094 yen!
How about joining us with the additional content " Bloodborne The Old Hunters " which is also 50% off from 2,200 yen to 1,100 yen?

Bloodborne The Old Hunters
Bloodborne The Old Hunters
PlayStation Store

Nekketsu Kuniokun Gaiden: River City Girls

熱血硬派くにおくん外伝 River City Girls
Nekketsu Kuniokun Gaiden: River City Girls
PlayStation Store

This is an action game featuring Misako and Kyoko, characters from the "Nekketsu Kuniokun" series. Kunio and Riki also appear in the game.
Let's go wild in the dotted, cartoon-like world!
Nekketsu Kuniokun Gaiden: River City Girls " is 37% off from 3,190 yen to 2,000 yen!


CRYSTAR -クライスタ-
PlayStation Store

FLEW 's action RPGs have an image of having a slightly different system in many of their titles.
CRYSTAR" uses a unique system in which players become stronger by crying.
Don't miss the opening movie created by Shaft!
" CRYSTAR " is 60% off from 8,778 yen to 3,511 yen!
PS Plus subscribers get 70% off at 2,633 yen!

Kill la Kill The Game

キルラキル ザ・ゲーム -異布-
Kill la Kill The Game
PlayStation Store

TRIGGER's popular anime "Kill la Kill" is now available as a full-fledged action game!
The game is developed by Arc System Works and is sure to please both fans of the anime and the original story.
Use the unique systems in this game, such as the " Blood Vitality Declaration and Enzetsu " system!
Kill la Kill The Game is 56% off from 6,926 yen to 3,000 yen!

Sale ends April 28!

The second "SPRING SALE" will be held from Wednesday, April 15, 2020 to Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 23:59.
If you spend a lot of time at home, you have to make the most of it! Why don't you take this opportunity to play the titles you missed the chance to start?
I'm thinking of buying "CRYSTAR" myself!
For more details, please check the PlayStation Store "SPRING SALE" special page!


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