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PS Plus subscriber only! "Call of Duty World War II" is 100 yen for a limited time!

PS Plus加入者限定!「コール オブ デューティ ワールドウォーII」が期間限定で100円!

The " Extended Play Sale " is being held until 23:59 today, Tuesday, May 26, 2020, and the " Day of Play " is coming up next week on the PlayStation Store.
We are very happy to see so many sales going on.
Suddenly, " Call of Duty: World War II " is on sale at the PlayStation Store! And it's only 100 yen!

今年もゲーム三昧!PSのスペシャルセール「Days of Play」が開催決定!

100 yen for PS Plus subscribers only!

コール オブ デューティ ワールドウォーII セール
Call of Duty: World War II Sale
PlayStation Store

Call of Duty: World War II " was released in 2017 and is a worldwide hit FPS game.
The latest in the CoD series, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare," was released last year and is still played by many players, and many people know the name of the game even if they have never played it.
Now, for PS Plus subscribers only, you can purchase "Call of Duty: World War II" for a whopping 98% off the regular price of 8,617 yen, or 100 yen!
Most titles require a PS Plus subscription for online multiplayer, including "Call of Duty: World War II," so many people have already subscribed.
Please note that "Call of Duty: World War II" is a CERO Z (18+ ) title, so you will need to pay with a credit card for age verification.
The sale period is surprisingly long, from today, May 26, 2020 (Tuesday) until 23:59 on July 7, 2020 (Tuesday ), but be careful not to be careless and accidentally forget to purchase.
Don't miss out on this chance to play a classic FPS for the super-budget price of 100 yen!
For more information on "Call of Duty: World War II," please visit the official website, and to purchase the game, please visit the PlayStation Store.


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PS Zanmai in nest life! "Extended Play Sale" is being held in the PS Store!
PS Zanmai in nest life! "Extended Play Sale" is being held in the PS Store!...

Even if a Golden Week ends, the period with long time necessary for a family continues, doesn't it? The big title was sold much in April, but aren't there a lot

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