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That shark game "Maneater" is added to "PS Plus Free Play" in January!

1月の「PS Plusフリープレイ」にあのサメゲー「Maneater」が追加!

It is no exaggeration to say that PlayStation users must subscribe to " PlayStation Plus, " a subscription service that enables network battles and offers special content.
One of the most popular features of the service is " PS Plus Free Play," which offers popular game titles free of charge on a monthly basis.
By "adding" a title to your library, you can play it as long as you are a PS Plus subscriber, even after the subscription period has ended.
So far, we have been able to enjoy a number of great titles in Free Play, and today, January 5, 2021 (Tuesday ), the first Free Play title of 2021 will be available for download!

The just-released "Maneater" is now free-to-play!

Maneater PS5
Maneater PS5
PlayStation Store

The announced free-to-play titles are " Shadow of the Tomb Raider ", released in 2018, and "MIST", released in 2019.
MISTOVER " in 2019, and the shark game " Maneater ", which was released just last year on Thursday, December 17, 2020!
Maneater" became free-to-play less than four weeks after its release, and downloadable purchasers were offered refunds.
This refund is a mercy for those who have bought the game and it has become free-to-play.
The free play for "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" and "MISTOVER" is for the PS4 version, while the free play for "Maneater" is for the PlayStation 5 version.
Please note that the PS4 version of "Maneater" is not available for free play!
The free-to-play distribution will end on Monday, February 1, 2021. For more information and to subscribe to PS Plus, please visit the official PlayStation website!


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