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Survival × werewolf game "Project Winter" aiming to escape from the snowy mountains is now available on PS4 / Switch!

雪山からの脱出を目指すサバイバル×人狼ゲーム「Project Winter」がPS4/Switchで配信開始!

Project Winter ", a wargaming action game developed and published by Other Ocean Interactive, will be available on PlayStation 4 and Ninbtendo Switch from September 16, 2021 (Thursday).

What is "Project Winter"?

" Project Winter" is a survival x wargame for up to 8 players.
Players are divided into two groups: survivors and traitor traitors. Survivors communicate with other players to escape the dangerous snowy mountains, while traitors try to prevent survivors from escaping.

"Project Winter" is unique in that it combines elements of both wargames and survival games.
The werewolf element allows the survivor to observe and guess who the traitor is during play and expel anyone suspicious. Traitors can also lie to each other and delay their escape by pitting survivors against each other.
The survival game element is where players survive in the snowy mountains while securing food and supplies and dealing with wild animals and natural threats that attack the player.

The game is currently available for Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC (Steam/Microsoft Store)/Xbox One.
Cross-play support is also available on all platforms except the Steam version. (The Steam version will also support cross-play through future updates.)

PlayStation 4 version

Currently available on the "Project Winter" store page (PS Store ).

The game is playable on PS5, but some features available on PS4 may not be available on PS5.

Nintendo Switch version

Available on the "Project Winter " store page (My Nintendo Store)


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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