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Sonic launches "Project Sonic '22" project ahead of the release of new works and movies!

新作&映画の公開が控えたソニックが「Project Sonic ‘22」プロジェクトを始動!

Sonic the Hedgehog " by Sega celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021 and continues its momentum into 2022!
Sonic has been flying off the handle with the release of the "LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone" set on New Year's Day and the appearance of special game effects for Sonic on TikTok.
Sonic's year 2022 will see the release of " Sonic Frontier," the latest in the series, and the release of the movie "Sonic the Movie: Sonic vs. Knuckles ". quot; Project Sonic '22 (Project Sonic Two Two)"!
The key art and logo have been unveiled!

ソニック × TikTok × ドリカムのトリプルコラボが実現! 「#TikTok でゲーム中」にソニックが登場!

The world beyond the ring

"Project Sonic ‘22"キーアート
"Project Sonic '22" Key Art

The key art for "Project Sonic '22" is a design that depicts Sonic's iconic gold ring and the new world that spreads out beyond it.
The world beyond the light will change with each campaign, so new artwork will be unveiled each time.
The phrase " Welcome to the next level " will be inscribed on the logo, which will continue to bring even more fascinating entertainment for the next 30 years.

"Project Sonic ‘22"ロゴ
Project Sonic '22 logo

The logo is a simple, cool blue color that contrasts with the colorful key art.
Both the key art and logo will be seen in many places from now on, so let's run through the year 2022 with Sonic!
On the official portal site " Sonic Channel ", wallpapers and calendars for PCs and smartphones are now available, so download them and welcome Sonic and Knuckles to your PC or smartphone!
For more details, please check the topics on the official portal site "Sonic Channel"!


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The wind carries a voice-like voice. Sonic Completely New "Sonic Frontier" will be available in winter 2022!
The wind carries a voice-like voice. Sonic Completely New "Sonic Frontier" will ...

1 of the characters which represent Japan and 30th anniversary of "the sonic hedgehog" of Sega Enterprises are Year in 2021. "SONIKKUKARAZUARUTIM