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The latest video of LoL's gaming game "Project L" is out! Basic actions and tag team battle system explained.

LoLの格ゲー「Project L」の最新映像が公開!基本アクションやタッグバトルのシステムを解説

Riot Games has released the latest video of Project L, a fighting game that shares the same worldview as LoL (League of Legends). The video explains the development status of the fighter "Ilaoi," which will be released in August 2022, as well as the features of various movement actions and tag-team battles.

LoL's fighting game "Project L" announced as free to play!

The latest video showing the development status of "Project L".

In November 2021, Raiatto Games announced that the basic rules of "Project L" would be tag team battles, and in August 2022, they announced that the game would be free-to-play and that they had begun development of a new fighter, "Ilaoi. On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at around 1:00 a.m. Japan time, the company released the latest information on "Project L," which will be the last project to be released in 2022.

Ilaoi's development status

Project Lのイラオイ開発状況
Launched with an idol
Project Lのイラオイ開発状況
Tentacles follow

Ilaoi" is a fighter with a strong body, but also has a technical side using tentacles, and is expected to enjoy exhilarating battles. The development team continues to work on models and VFX, and is currently at about 30% completion. Although not the most popular champion in LoL, it is no wonder that he was chosen as an early playable character when seen fighting on the fighting game screen.

Action and Tag Team System


Project L" is being developed with the ideal of quick and fluid movements. The video also mentioned the action and tag team battle system.

Project L" includes

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Dash
  • Chain dash
  • Jump
  • Long Jump
  • Super Jump
  • Unique aerial maneuver (possessed by most champions)

The basic actions of the champions are as follows. In the video, "Arli" can be seen dashing through the air and launching attacks similar to LoL's Spirit Rush. If ninja champions such as Akari and Shen, who have not been announced at this time, are implemented, these actions will become even more prominent.

tag system

The main champion and his assistant champions, called "points," can perform powerful combos through a tag team system. As part of this system, the video shows

  • Assist Action
  • Handshake Tag
  • Dynamic Save

Dynamic Save....

Assist Actions

Assist Action

Two "Assist Actions" are available for every champion as a basic element.

Handshake Tag

Handshake Tag

The "Handshake Tag" can be activated when both the point and the assisting champion are on screen.

Dynamic Save



Save YouTube

Dynamic Save is an action that can be used from the beginning of the battle. An assistant champion will appear in front of the point and protect it. It is a means to break out of the speedy combos that characterize "Project L." However, if the timing is wrong, the player may suffer a painful counterattack.

More to come in 2023!

Jinx and Echo

In the video, we can also see an assistant "Echo" attacking and carrying a grenade released by "Jinx. While we were pleased to see that the game system allows for such creative play, the scene of the two fighting together, who are also closely related in the "Arcane" animated series, was a very moving scene for us as fans.

As previously reported, this is the end of the continuation of the series within the year 2022. The company has announced that it has no plans to rush the release of the game with the goal of creating a fighting game that will be played for decades to come, so we will have to wait patiently for more information.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

The latest information and video of LoL's case game "Project L" is released for the first time in 2 years! An exhilarating competitive game in Tag Badr!
The latest information and video of LoL's case game "Project L" is released for ...

Riot Games exhibited the latest information of a fight game and a game play animation of the LoL fact developed at present "League of Legends". A figh

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