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"Undead Line" released in retro game distribution service "Project EGG"!


D4 Enterprises, Inc. released " Undead Line" (Mega Drive version), an action shooting game produced by T&E Soft, on its retro game distribution service " Project EGG " on August 10.

Vertical scrolling shooting game with a sense of speed

Undead Line" is a vertically scrolling shooter game that was released for the MSX2 in 1989, and the Mega Drive version was released in 1991.
The game was developed by Tokihiro Naito, the creator of the "Hydride" series, who also served as the game's director.

In this game, the main character, Leon, a warrior, controls an army of demons led by Count Brazen, who suddenly appear on the stage, and defeats his enemies by picking up weapons and items on the stage and increasing their power.
The strategy of strengthening weapons and improving Leon's parameters, the speed and exhilaration of the shooting game, and the difficult bosses that await are all worthwhile and make this title a must for fans of shooting games.


Download from "Project EGG"!

This title was released on August 10 on "Project EGG," a retro game distribution service.
Currently, "Project EGG" is running a campaign and this title can be downloaded for 330 yen (550 yen after the campaign ends).
(After the campaign ends, the price will be 550 yen.)
This title as well as other titles in the "Undead Line" series are also included in the lineup.

For more information about the works and the campaign, check out the official website and Twitter!


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