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Pop and Lab Music! "pop'n music UniLab" is now available in arcades!

ポップでLabなるミュージック!「pop’n music UniLab」がアーケードで稼働開始!

Among the many classic music games produced by Konami, " pop'n music " is especially loved by a wide range of people.
The world view is pop and cute, and the large buttons are easy to see and press, making it a title that can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to the elderly.
The PC version of Konaste's " pop'n music Lively " is also available at home, but the best part of playing music games is playing them in game centers and amusement arcades.
The large screen and loud volume, and the ability to tap the large buttons without worrying about the sound, make for an exhilarating experience, and I feel that this is the best way to enjoy "pop'n music" to the fullest.
The other day, "pop'n music UniLab " was suddenly announced, and its official website has been opened. The official site was opened to the public, but there was no information other than the title and "Coming soon.... The official site was opened, but there was only the title and "Coming soon..." and no information.
We were eagerly waiting for more information, but now additional information about "pop'n music UniLab" has been announced!

「pop’n music」に新たな動き!?「pop’n music UniLab」の公式サイトが公開!

The latest in the series, "pop'n music UniLab" is now in operation!

pop’n music UniLab
pop'n music UniLab

The latest title in the "pop'n music" series of music games for amusement arcades, "pop'n music UniLab", will be available from September 13, 2022 (Tuesday )!
So, the details of this latest arcade version are as follows. "pop'n music UniLab" is the 27th in the series.
The theme of this game is "laboratory," and Mimi and Nyami are wearing lab coats and holding flasks and test tubes.
The " LIFT " and " GUIDE SE " options have been added as new features.


LIFT" is a function that allows you to adjust the judgment line up or down.
The "LIFT" option can be set by pressing "0" on the number keys while selecting an option in Normal mode to go to the "Full Settings" screen.
Use it according to your style of play.

GUIDE SE" added.

A new sound is added to the "GUIDE SE " that plays when you tap a button in time with Pop-kun.
The existing SE is now independent as " Tambourine ", and " Clap " and " Rim " are newly added.
You can of course set the sound to what you hear most easily, and by changing the "GUIDE SE", you can play the music you are used to with a different atmosphere.

And the most important thing is the music!
More than 20 new songs will appear in "pop'n music UniLab"!
The licensed songs are

  • Strawberry Kiss/Stopuri
  • I hope I can become an adult someday. /Tsuyu
  • Ego Rock/Surii
  • Tokimeki Broker/P-Maru-sama.
  • Dokubu/Nakiso
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Ichimitsu
  • God-like/Pinocchio Pea
  • Star Swimming
  • Blue Bench

In original music

  • Empty Backdoor /Morimanzou
  • Unconscious Philosophia /BEMANI Sound Team "TAG
  • Airplane /Red Planets
  • Bye Bye /Delete
  • Hibiki/ARForest feat. nayuta
  • Journey/colors
  • THE SAFARI - NEETs ver.
  • Divergence/T-HEY & TANEKO
  • Linalia/OSTER project feat. hinatanso
  • Sora wo Kakeru Speedster/BEMANI Sound Team "Sota Fujimori" feat. Kanata.
  • Koi to Melon to Cupid / feat. Maron Katherine

are newly added to the list!
And some songs that were " hidden " in the previous title can now be played by anyone in this title !

  • Donut Hole / Hachi
  • Catch Our Fire!
  • Sacrifice Escape: Emotion and Compensation by Imitation of Absurdity/memex
  • Cloud 9/Yunosuke
  • Midare no Inori/Cororo feat.Yuria Miyazono
  • Lachryma《Re:Queen'M》/Kaneko Chiharu
  • Lanka Killer Girl/Yuki Nakajima × Ichika
  • Visterhv/Feryquitous
  • Gray clouds/Trick Trap
  • Last Twilight/cosMo@Runaway P
  • Love Kira Splash/BEMANI Sound Team "Sota F." feat.
  • Sparkle Smilin' /BEMANI Sound Team "Qrispy Joybox" feat.
  • BLSTR/Ujico* feat.
  • Shiroro no Kaze/Qrispy Joybox feat. Yu Tokiwa
  • The end of human beings due to the collapse of multipolar neurons/BEMANI Sound Team "HuΣeR × Yvya
  • Sulk/SYUNN
  • Love 2 Shuffle/BEMANI Sound Team "Sota F." feat. Starbitz
  • Kyosui Ichika/BEMANI Sound Team "HuΣeR Vs. SYUNN" feat.
  • Jetcoaster Windy/BEMANI Sound Team "dj TAKA" feat.
  • Sekai no hate ni yakusoku no triumphant song -pop'n ver.-/m@sumi
  • Kakara korayoshi daisakusen 143/BEMANI Sound Team "Asaki-tai" feat.
  • Symphonic Tear/BEMANI Sound Team "TAG

If you add these songs together, you will be able to play a whopping More than 1700 songs You can play these songs from the start of the game!
If you have played "pop'n music" before, of course, but even if you have never played "pop'n music" before, you will be able to play "pop'n music music UniLab" to get a taste of "pop'n music".
For more information, please visit the official "pop'n music UniLab" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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