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Pokémon UNITE, the first team strategy battle game in the Pokémon series, is now available!

ポケモンシリーズ初のチーム戦略バトルゲーム「Pokémon UNITE」が発表!

For the second week in a row, " New Pokémon Presentation Pokémon Presents " aired on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 22:00.
Since the announcement on June 17 was a big hit, a lot of attention was paid to this one as well.
There was a lot of speculation as to what the announcement would be, but it turned out to be a completely new game! Pokémon's first team strategy battle game "Pokémon UNITE " has been announced!

A 5-player team strategy battle game

Pokémon UNITE " is a real-time team battle game in which five players form a team and fight five against five.

Pokémon UNITE
Pokémon UNITE

Players gain points by defeating wild Pokémon that appear in the field , and their team scores points by carrying the collected points to the goal of the opposing team.
The basic rule is that the team that scores more points within the time limit wins.

Pokémon UNITE
Pokémon UNITE

At the start of the game, all Pokémon you control start at level 1.
When you defeat wild Pokémon, they level up, their abilities increase, and some Pokémon can evolve at a certain level.

Pokémon UNITE
Pokémon UNITE

When Pokémon level up, they learn new Waza, but players can choose which Waza they want to learn, so their strategy will change depending on whether they want to learn close-range or long-range attacks.
Even with the same Pokémon, you can change the way you fight each time you play.

Pokémon UNITE
Pokémon UNITE
【公式】ポケモン新作発表会 Pokémon Presents 2020.6.24

Also, in the latter half of the game, players will be able to use "Unite Moves," which are powerful moves that vary from Pokémon to Pokémon, so the timing of when to use "Unite Moves" will likely make the difference in the game.

The world's fastest play video!

Some of you may not be able to get a clear picture of what it's like even after hearing the description, right?
For those people, a 5-on-5 team play was actually held at the "Pokémon Presents" event !
If you watch the video, you will definitely want to play right away!
The video will start playing before the team game.

Co-developed with Tencent Games!

Pokémon UNITE" is co-developed with TiMi Studios, the game development division of the world-renowned game company " Tencent Games ".
The joint development with Tencent Games, which has created numerous blockbuster games, is sure to result in a high-quality game.

"Pokémon UNITE" is free to play and will be available on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.
The game will be available for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, and will be cross-play compatible, so even if you are playing on different platforms, you can play together, so you can cooperate and compete with people from all over the world.
We don't have much information on it yet, as it's currently in development, but we can't wait for it to hit the streets!
For more information, check out the official Pokémon website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

Pokémon UNITE
Pokémon UNITE
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