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Pokémon UNITE teamed up with popular K-POP group ITZY

Pokémon UNITE teamed up with popular K-POP group ITZY

Pokémon UNITE, the first team strategy battle in the Pokémon series, was released on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.
To celebrate its first anniversary,
Pokémon UNITE is now tied up with K-POP artist ITZY!

Pokemon UNITE teamed up with ITZY!

ITZY is a famous K-POP girl group formed by JYP Entertainment.
ITZY also had a tie-up with Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus and Pokémon Card Game this past January!
In the new project Pokémon UNITE commercial featuring ITZY, ITZY cute and ITZY cool versions will be released in countries worldwide.
In addition, on July 7 a special battle video "Pokemon UNITE/Itzy Special Show! will be available on the official Pokémon YouTube channel!

Pokemon Unite/Itzy Special Show!
Pokemon Unite/Itzy Special Show!

An event just before the first anniversary!


To celebrate the first anniversary of its release on July 21,2022 ,there will some new misssions start from July 7,2022 in the game.
As you complete the missions, you will be able to obtain pop-cute hair accessories, seals for trainer photos, backgrounds, and more!
Get ready to celebrate the first anniversary with players from all over the world through this special event, supported by the five members of ITZY!

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105819Pokémon UNITE teamed up with popular K-POP group ITZY
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