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The delivery date of the smartphone version "Pokémon UNITE" is finally decided! Pre-registration starts!

スマートフォン版「Pokémon UNITE」の配信日が遂に決定!事前登録受付開始!

Pokémon Presents " was released on Wednesday, August 18, 2021.
The broadcast was filled with the latest Pokémon news and information, but the first item on the program was information about Pokémon's first team strategy battle, "Pokémon UNITE ".
The Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon UNITE will be available in July 2021, and trainers all over the world will be busy with the exciting Pokémon UNITE battles today.
The smartphone version will be available in September 2021, and those who don't have a Nintendo Switch or want to play easily on the go have been looking forward to its release.
Here it is! The distribution date for the smartphone version of "Pokémon UNITE" has been set!

The distribution date has been set for September 22nd!

スマートフォン版"Pokémon UNITE"配信日
Distribution date of "Pokémon UNITE" for smartphones
【公式】Pokémon Presents 2021.8.18

The smartphone version of "Pokémon UNITE" will be released on Wednesday, September 22, 2021!
Pokémon UNITE" is cross-playable between the Nintendo Switch version and the smartphone version, so the smartphone version is sure to be even more exciting!
In conjunction with the release date, pre-registration is now open on the App Store for iOS users and on Google Play for Android users.
Of course, a pre-registration campaign is also being held, and if the number of registrations exceeds 1 million, Pikachu will receive an Eos Ticket x1000 to use in-game , a Pikachu Unite License ( Eos Coin for those who already have it) for 2.5 million, and a special holo-ware "Festival Style & quot;" for 5 million! quot; will be given away!

Pre-registration Campaign
【公式】Pokémon Presents 2021.8.18

Even if you are already playing on the Nintendo Switch version, you can link your account with the smartphone version, so make sure to pre-register for the smartphone version!
Also, " Zeraora ", which is a gift for everyone who logs into the Nintendo Switch version by Tuesday, August 31, 2021, can be used in the smartphone version by linking your account with the Nintendo Switch version.

【公式】Pokémon Presents 2021.8.18

If you have not downloaded the Nintendo Switch version because you are planning to play mainly on your smartphone, download the Nintendo Switch version by August 31 and log in!

For details on the pre-registration campaign, please check the official Pokémon UNITE website!

New Pokémon to be released in the future!

It's only been less than a month since the Nintendo Switch version of "Pokémon UNITE" was released, and already " Sir Knight " and " Happinus " have joined the game.
We've already announced that " Camex " will be joining the game, and we're excited to see the number of Pokémon joining the game increase at a rapid pace.
As we had expected, the "Pokémon Presents" event also announced information on new Pokémon that will be entering the game in the future!


【公式】Pokémon Presents 2021.8.18


【公式】Pokémon Presents 2021.8.18

Manmue " from the upcoming remake of "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl" and " Nymphia " from "Pokémon X and Y" are scheduled to join the game!
Let's wait for more information on how they will be used and what kind of abilities they will have!
Please check the official website for more information about "Pokémon UNITE"!


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Pokémon UNITE
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